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POPULAR’s publishing business dates back to the 1930s, starting with Chinese educational materials. Today, it has evolved into a vast network that allows POPULAR to reach out to consumers in various regions. POPULAR has established itself as a leading bilingual publishing group, offering a wide variety of books ranging from educational materials to lifestyle titles

Singapore & Malaysia

In Singapore and Malaysia, Educational Publishing House (EPH) has a strong track record in publishing educational titles. EPH Singapore is the leading publisher of quality educational books, particularly for school assessments and preschool titles. By providing quality educational content, it empowers students, parents, tutors, and teachers to succeed. EPH Singapore is also the government-authorised publisher of national examination papers (Ten-Year Series in book format), including papers for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), O-Level, and A-Level examinations. Despite the evolving landscape of Singapore’s education system, EPH Singapore consistently enhances student’s learning experience by integrating effective pedagogy with digital technologies, such as e-books, online resources, and instructional videos in their titles. These innovative efforts have solidified EPH Singapore’s position in the educational market.

While EPH Malaysia may have established itself through publishing assessment books and reference materials for primary students and activity books for preschoolers, it has since begun expanding into secondary school titles. EPH Malaysia has shown significant growth, going from a modest 60 published titles in 1998 to a whopping total of 466 titles in 2023. Among them are several top-rated titles, including English titles adapted from POPULAR Canada and EPH Singapore that are published in tandem with the increasing demand for quality English guides and assessments at affordable prices in Malaysia.

Besides educational publishing, Seashore Publishing in Malaysia also publishes bilingual cookbooks, self-improvement books, biographies, and health-related titles. Its signature titles are the English-Chinese bilingual cookbooks, which cover a wide range of Eastern, Western, and local cooking styles. There are also several titles published in collaboration with celebrity chefs.

Greater China

To ensure a well-rounded publishing outfit in Greater China, POPULAR has many publishing arms handling different aspects of people’s reading needs.

EPH Hong Kong/ Macau is the leading textbook publisher in the pre-primary and primary sectors, and a key provider of excellent teaching support materials, including professional teacher training and workshops for teachers. One of EPH Hong Kong/ Macau’s key publishing portfolios is English Language Teaching (ELT), particularly pre-school ELT. As the leading educational publisher, EPH also maintains the use of state-of-the-art technology in its innovative products and continues to collaborate with internationally renowned authors and publishers, as well as adopts new e-learning pedagogy.

As a top-of-mind brand for primary and secondary supplementary exercise materials, Pan Lloyds Hong Kong is a market leader with three well-known labels, namely Pan Lloyds, Jumpstart, and POPULAR Learning. Its products are known for their innovative digital tools, such as multimedia tutorials and the 4D Self-Assessment Diagnostic Platform.

Kam Pui Hong Kong has publications across diverse themes. Its signature cookbook series under the Seashore Publishing imprint is catered to young adults, and supported with collaborations with renowned brands and celebrity chefs. The print content is supplemented by additional digital resources via a mobile application to provide easy access to an expansive base of readers. Another imprint, Ichiban, publishes titles on contemporary topics like Health, Travel, Photography, Pets, Comics, etc. These titles introduce the latest trends with beautiful illustrations, making it both informative and entertaining.

Over at POPULAR Taiwan, the two core imprints, namely Zhong Yue Tang (adult books) and Tong Yue Fang (children’s books), publish and distribute bestselling books in Simplified Chinese. The former publishes Chinese books for adults with a strong focus in bestselling novels, self-improvement, health, business management, and more. The latter offers activity books, assessment books, as well as affordable and quality learning aids for children. The imprint Seashore publishes lifestyle titles like cookbooks in Traditional Chinese, while Polis Press publishes children’s books in Traditional Chinese, with a strong focus in educational comic series.


POPULAR Canada is an educational publisher that first saw success in publishing Maths titles. Since then, it has successfully developed three anchor series, Complete Canadian Curriculum, Complete MathSmart, and Complete EnglishSmart, which have sold over 3 million copies. POPULAR Canada has now expanded into the areas of French Immersion Workbooks, children’s non-fiction titles, and more activity books for preschool children.