Powering Minds
One Click at a Time

While digital resources have been consistently integrated into different sectors of our education business, POPULAR’s e-Learning endeavours are dedicated channels to provide e-learning solutions to preschool, primary, and secondary schools in Greater China. As one of the leading e-learning service providers in Hong Kong, China, POPULAR e-Learning Hong Kong specialises in providing pre-class, in-class, and after-class cross-platform systems that help pique student’s interest, encourage participation and engagement, and thereby deepen learning. Each was developed in accordance with Hong Kong Education Bureau’s three learning and teaching development strategies — catering for learner diversity, collaborative learning, and self-directed learning. Its first preschool online learning platform, KiddieWorld, offers fun and easy-to-use content, games, videos, and more.

In addition, the Active & Independent Education (A&I) in Hong Kong, China also launched WELNET — an e-learning platform that provides English, Chinese, and Mathematics supplementary learning and teaching materials for primary schools. Its first e-course, eIT, is used by more than 100 schools. Since the Hong Kong Education Bureau proposed the STEM education curriculum, it has released a series of learning and teaching materials on special STEM topics in the e-curriculum.