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                                         My Dream Came True in By Grace Kao (Taiwan) 文:高家玮(台湾)    圆梦在 大众 Many booklovers hope to work in the book industry, and POPULAR has made my childhood dream come true. 喜欢看书的人多少都想入行图书产业,大众让我 圆了年少时的梦想。 The year 2014 brought about big changes in my life. I was uncertain about my career prospects and decided to leave my previous job to start on a new path. It was then that I chanced upon POPULAR’s recruitment drive. Many booklovers dream of working in the book industry and I am no exception. When my chance to realise my childhood dream came about, I did not hesitate. That year, I joined Popular Taiwan’s Purchasing Department as an intern, and in the following year, I was converted to a full- time staff. Turning Books Into Treasures Being able to work alongside my fellow colleagues is the reason I enjoy working in POPULAR. Together, we have gone through difficult and busy times. Some have since left their positions, whilst the rest remain determined to always give their best in their jobs.    142 popularnews - 23 

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