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   To be the Best of the Best 成为最好的我们 There is no shortcut to success. It is only through tears, stress, sleepless nights, sacrifices, and learning though our mistakes that the impossible can become possible. No one is perfect but we came together as a team to emerge the best among the best! Our years of hard work may have gone unnoticed by others, but I will never forget all the joy and hardship that we have gone through together. Thank you to my fellow teammates for all the memories! 成功路上无捷径。历经无数眼泪、 压力、不眠之夜、牺牲、 纠错,方能将不可能化为可能。 人无完人,我们以团队制胜! 或许旁人无法察觉我们的辛勤付出, 但和团队一起历经的快乐和艰辛, 我时刻铭记在心。 感谢同事们为我留下美好的绵绵回忆! (翻译: 魏君) By Norzuriena Binti Merawi (Malaysia) 文:诺祖列娜·宾蒂·梅拉维(马来西亚)    22 - popularnews 142 

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