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 plays a crucial role in keeping Popular Malaysia’s daily operations running smoothly. Although his job can be challenging at times, the Kuala Lumpur- born Shahrizal remains positive and treats everything in his job as a learning experience. He believes that as long as everyone stays focused on the job, they will be able to come up with the right decisions, even in challenging situations. Shahrizal reveals that on one occasion, he almost fell from his motorcycle due to the heavy load of advertising materials, which included stickers and brochures. The weather is also an important factor in his work, as “when it rains, I need to prevent the documents and packages from getting wet or damaged”. Nevertheless, Shahrizal still prefers to do his job on his motorcycle as he is committed to delivering all items, important documents, and letters on time. POPULAR is Where the Heart is The 42-year-old Shahrizal says he has received many job offers from other companies in the past. However, he rejected all of them as he enjoys working in POPULAR. “Some of my friends were shocked when they discovered that I’m still working at POPULAR after all these years,” Shahrizal says. He would explain to them that his job at POPULAR has become more than being just about a salary as he appreciates the good workplace culture, and he has witnessed POPULAR growing to become the largest bookstore chain in Malaysia over the years. “That is why POPULAR has a special place in my heart!” Shahrizal hopes that POPULAR can continue to forge ahead during these challenging times and wishes it every success in the future. With his dedication and hard work, we too hope that he will continue to inspire us. May the coming years in POPULAR be more fulfilling for him! 沙 赫里扎尔·宾·莫哈末是马来西 亚大众的一名派送员,他风雨无 阻地骑着摩托车,尽心尽责地将大众的 所有商业文件安全送达至各部门。他 20岁即已加入大众,已婚并育有五个 孩子,曾是职业足球员的他,代表吉隆 坡参赛。他说:“我的足球生涯因伤而 止,做过不少兼职来维持生计。幸好那 时,我结识了马来西亚大众的前人力资 源经理姚麦琪,她推荐我加入大众。” 沙赫里扎尔在2000年入职时,曾在 马来西亚大众位于吉隆坡的蕉赖桑林花 园旧址工作,当时全马只有五六家门 市。忆往昔,他百感交集:“那时大家 都互相认识,相互扶持。” 关键角色,经历磨炼 派送员这份职业听上去平淡无奇,但其 实不然,沙赫里扎尔在马来西亚大众的 日常运作中扮演着至关重要的角色。尽 管工作挑战连连,但生于吉隆坡的他, 依旧保持积极心态,将每项任务视为经 验与磨砺。在他看来,只要每个人都专 注于本职工作,即使遇到挑战,也能作 出正确的抉择。 沙赫里扎尔分享道,有一次, 由于车上装满了贴纸、宣传册等广 告材料,他差一点从摩托车上摔下 来。天气状况也时常影响他的工 作:“下雨时,我得想办法不让文 件和包裹淋湿或者受损”。尽管 如此,他依然喜欢骑着摩托车东奔西 走,按时交付文件和物品。 大众书局,心之所向 42岁的沙赫里扎尔表示,他也曾收到其 他公司的工作邀请,不过都婉拒了,因 为自己对大众热忱不减。“有些朋友得 知这么多年我居然还在大众工作都非常 震惊”,他会向他们解释,在大众工作 已不仅是一份薪水那么简单,他看重的 是良好的职场文化,也见证了大众成长 为马来西亚最大连锁书店的历程,“大 众在我心中的份量很重!” 沙赫里扎尔祝福大众书局能在这个 充满挑战的时代砥砺前行,取得成功, 而他的奉献精神和勤恳认真也将继续激 励着我们。祝福他在大众的未来岁月, 硕果连连! (翻译: 魏君) 142 popularnews - 21 

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