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 2014年于我而言是变化很大的 一年。我对未来前途感到彷徨不 安,遂辞职准备展开新的人生规划, 而此时,大众书局的征才讯息映入 眼帘。 喜欢看书的人多少都有入行图书产 业的梦想,如果有机会能一圆年少时的 梦想,有何不可?于是在这一年,我以 工读生的身份进入台湾大众采购部,隔 年转为正职。 心满意足:制作的书成为珍品 在这里,同事是生活里的快乐因子,有 的人陪着一同走过最辛苦忙碌的时期, 有的人则昙花一现很快消失,也有的人 始终如一,坚守岗位。 这些伙伴们就像一本食谱,烹调知 识可让人成长,美食图片可让人疗愈, 而与这本书一同做出来的成品,却能让 人饱餐一顿。这群人丰富了我的职场生 活,也丰富了大众。 一本好书的出版需要耗费很多心 力,有时回收的利润还不敷成本,究 竟为了什么?未来还有人看书吗?这 些问号存于心中,可仍不觉得这是 一份夕阳产业。因为只要想到经手的 书,最终能成为某个人的珍品,就觉 得书店存在的价值,是为了满足阅读 的人,也满足制书的人,满足每一位 爱书人。 想想,这是一份很浪漫的工作。 24 - popularnews 142 To me, my fellow colleagues are like a cookbook. Like the informative recipes and gorgeous food pictures, they have helped me to become better in my job by sharing their knowledge with me and showing me what can be achieved. When combined together, the finished publication is just like a great feast. I am grateful that my professional life has been enriched by them, and I believe others in POPULAR feel the same. The publication of a good book requires a lot of effort, and sometimes the revenue may not even cover the cost. Why do we continue to publish books then? Will people continue to read books in the future? Though these questions always linger in my mind, I do not think that the book trade is a sunset industry. The thought that a book that I am handling now can become one that is treasured by its owner has convinced me that the value of bookstores will continue to exist as we aim to satisfy the readers and the bookmakers. Come to think of it, this is a very romantic job. (Translated by Shawn Pang) 

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