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           Celebrating Reunion in the Mid-Autumn Festival 人月团圆庆中秋 Creating a festive atmosphere, Popular Hong Kong invited all colleagues to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together. 香港大众营造中秋喜庆氛围,邀所有同仁共度佳节。 Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Popular Hong Kong’s Human Resources and Administration Department organises celebration activities for everyone. The Mid-Autumn Festival this year differed from the previous two years. We put up bright and dazzling lanterns, creating a festive atmosphere, and inviting all our colleagues to participate. Mooncakes and Lantern Riddles The celebration started at 3pm on 2 September 2022. Colleagues from all the different departments arrived at the venue one after the other. After sanitising their hands, they collected either the healthier, low-sugar mooncakes or a fruit cup. Subsequently, they went over to the photobooth and took commemorative photos with lanterns and decorative signs. Led by their supervisors, some departments displayed exceptional enthusiasm and unity in the activities. Some colleagues used their wits to great effect to guess lantern riddles in a harmonious atmosphere. By Gigi Yiu (Hong Kong) 文:姚莹姿(香港)      142 popularnews - 25 

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