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              The Parliament of Victoria – Entry to the Parliament House is free on certain days and we chanced upon one! We joined a guided tour to learn more about one of Melbourne’s best-known landmarks. 维多利亚州议会大厦:在特定日子入场免费, 而我们碰巧赶上,跟随导览团了解这个墨尔本地 标。 The Awe-inspiring Great Ocean Road 令人叹为观止的大洋路 One highlight of our Melbourne trip was travelling on the Great Ocean Road. Our day tour began at 7am and the greatest convenience of joining a day tour is that we were picked up from our hotel directly! 墨尔本之旅的一大亮点是大洋路一日游。清晨七点出 发,还有酒店接载服务真方便! Trams – Operating continuously since 1885, the Melbourne tram network is said to be the world’s largest. Travelling on them is free as long you are within the free tram zone. 墨尔本有轨电车:1885年开始运行,据说是全球最大 的有轨电车系统,若在免费区域搭乘就无须付费。 Queen Victoria Market – Officially opened on 20 March 1878, you can find almost everything shopping at the over 600 small businesses here. 维多利亚女王市场:1878年3月20日正式开 业,共有逾600家商户摊位,应有尽有。 Loch Ard Gorge – This was where the only two survivors came ashore after their ship, the Loch Ard, ran aground at Mutton Bird Island in 1878. 阿德湖峡:1878年一艘名为“阿德 湖号”的船只在马顿伯德岛触礁搁 浅,两名生还者在此登陆。 London Bridge – After the original archway and tunnel collapsed on 15 January 1990, London Bridge became an isolated arch that is no longer connected to the mainland. 伦敦桥:拱岩于1990年1月15日坍塌后,伦敦桥成了 断桥,不再与陆地相连。                 The Memorial Arch - Completed in 1932 as a memorial to those who served in World War One, the timber log archway spans the Great Ocean Road. 纪念拱门:1932年竣工,为纪念一战亡 者而建,其木质拱门横跨大洋路。    36 - popularnews 141 

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