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                                                    By Tan Soo Lin (Malaysia) 文:陈思伶(马来西亚)   Source: The University of Melbourne website 图片来源:墨尔本大学网站   A Different Experience Down Under 别样的澳大利亚之旅 The juxtaposition of metropolitan Melbourne and Tasmania’s wilderness created a travelling experience that I will never forget. 墨尔本的繁华市景,塔斯马尼亚 的原始风光,构成一场难忘旅程。 Most visitors to Melbourne might choose to include another Australian city since both Sydney and Tasmania are just an hour’s flight away. We wanted to experience Tasmania’s wilderness but were concerned about driving in the wet winter season. After much consideration, we decided to join a tour group. 到访墨尔本的游客,多数会顺道游访仅有一小时飞行距离的悉尼 或塔斯马尼亚。我们想游览塔斯马尼亚的原始风光,不过没把 握能在湿冷的冬季自驾游,遂决定跟团出行。   The University of Melbourne – The second oldest university in Australia and oldest university in Victoria, it was founded in 1853. 墨尔本大学:创立于1853年,是澳大 利亚第二古老的大学,也是维多利亚 州最古老的大学。   Melbourne, the World’s Most Liveable City 墨尔本:全球最宜居城市 As the flight from Malaysia to Melbourne took almost eight hours, we chose a night flight to make full use of our time. We checked in at our hotel upon arrival and left our luggage behind to look for breakfast. There were plenty of restaurants and cafés on almost every street, and to our surprise, there was no shortage of Asian and Malaysian restaurants. Melbourne was home to the Aboriginal peoples for over 40,000 years. 且竟还有不少亚洲和马来西亚风味餐 厅。 墨尔本土著已在此生活逾四万年。 作为维多利亚州的首府,墨尔本有诸多 澳大利亚地标建筑,一直以来都被评为 全球最宜居的城市之一。 (翻译:魏君)  The capital city of the Australian state of Victoria, Melbourne is also home to many of Australia's best-known landmarks and has been consistently ranked amongst the world's most liveable city. 从马来西亚飞往墨尔本约需八小时,为 了充分利用时间,我们选择了夜间航 班,抵达后马上把行李放在酒店,寻觅 早餐。这里满街都是餐厅和咖啡馆,而 141 popularnews - 35 

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