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                                                                         The Captivating Wilderness of Tasmania 塔斯马尼亚迷人的原始风光 Our tour package for Tasmania was meant for those on a smaller budget, and so we had to share rooms with others and carry our own luggage around. Thankfully, most accommodations provided breakfast, albeit just a simple selection of bread and cereals. Rain was a constant companion as Tasmania is one of the wettest states in Australia during winter. Always read up on your destinations to ensure that your travel plan is not disrupted by the weather. 我们选择的是塔斯马尼亚平价旅行团,所以得和别人合住与自搬 行李。尽管只是简单的面包和麦片,还好大多数的住宿都提供早 餐。 冬季的塔斯马尼亚常与雨相伴,是澳大利亚最潮湿的地方之 一。要想畅游,事先得查询当地天气。 Mount Field National Park and Russel Falls – Tasmania's first national park features stunning vistas, great walks, and abundant wildlife. Located just 64 kilometres northwest of Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, its star attraction is Russell Falls. 费尔德山国家公园和罗素瀑布:塔斯马尼 亚第一座国家公园,位于首府霍巴特西北 64公里处,景观多样,有美丽的步道,以 及五花八门的野生动物;罗素瀑布则是打 卡景点。     Henty Dunes – Reaching heights of 30 metres, the Henty Dunes are a desert amid the rainforests of Tasmania's west coast. The dunes were formed by the Roaring Forties, a wind that blows uninterrupted from South America. 亨蒂沙丘:高达30米,是塔斯马尼亚西海岸雨 林中的一片沙漠,沙丘是因南美洲吹来的咆哮 西风(咆哮40度)不断侵袭而形成的。  Richmond - The picturesque town contains the story of an early Australian colonial village. The Richmond Bridge, its most famous landmark, was built by convicts in the 1820s and is now a popular picnic spot on the grassy banks of the Coal River. 里士满:这个风景如画的小镇见证了早期澳洲殖民时期村庄的历 史。著名地标为里士满桥,1820年代由囚犯所建,煤河岸边草茵今 为热门野餐地点。 Port Arthur Historic Site – Listed as a World Heritage Site, this location was established in 1830 as a timber station and was soon built into a small town to house over a thousand convicts. 亚瑟港历史遗址:已被列入世界遗产名录,1830年是伐木场,过不 久成了容纳逾千名囚犯的小镇。   38 - popularnews 141 

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