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                                                                                                                                            Puffing Billy Train 普芬比利蒸汽火车 One of Australia’s preserved steam railways, this train ride takes passengers through the lush rainforests of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. You can choose to sit on carriages with open sides, but take the right side if you want to take a photo of the train crossing the bridge. 作为澳大利亚保存完好的蒸汽铁路之一,火车带 领乘客穿越丹顿农山脉国家公园茂密的雨林,游 客可选择坐在两侧敞开的车厢,若要拍摄火车过 桥的画面可选择右侧。 Phillip Island 菲利普岛 A popular day trip destination from Melbourne, it is also where the Philip Island Nature Park is located. Besides being the natural home for koalas, seals and shearwaters, Philip Island is also the famous habitat of the world’s smallest penguins, the Little Penguins. 这里是墨尔本热门的一日游胜地,也是菲利 普岛自然公园的所在地。除了是树熊、海豹 和海鸥的天然家园,也是世上体型最小的小 企鹅的著名栖息地。 Churchill Island - Located off Philip Island, this island is named after the man who gave Lieutenant James Grant seeds to plant on the island after the latter’s disembarkation from the Lady Nelson in 1801. It is the site of the first European garden in Victoria. 丘吉尔岛:这座小岛在菲利普岛附近。1801年,詹姆斯·格兰特 中尉从纳尔逊夫人号军舰登陆该岛后,用他朋友提供的种子种植 农作物,并以友之名来命名小岛。这里是维多利亚州第一批欧洲 人的定居地。 Penguin Parade – Here, visitors can watch Little Penguins waddle swiftly across the sandy beaches to their burrows at dusk. Photography is not allowed to avoid startling these homebound penguins with the careless use of the camera flash. 企鹅归巢:游客可在此亲睹小企鹅在黄昏 时摇摇晃晃地疾越沙滩回到洞穴的样子。 为避免闪光灯吓到这些归巢企鹅,这里禁 止拍照。 Koala Conservation Reserve - We had a challenging time searching for the koalas in the many eucalyptus trees, on which they live and feed on the leaves. Koalas are known to sleep as much as 20 hours a day; you would be lucky to spot some of them awake. 树熊保护区:“众树寻熊千百度”,要 在众多的桉树中寻找树熊并非易事。树 熊以桉树叶为食,日睡20个小时,若能 见到醒着的树熊,那就太幸运了。              12 Apostles – The erosion of the limestone cliffs over millions of years created caves that were further eroded to become arches. These rock stacks remain after the arches eventually collapsed. 十二门徒岩:石灰岩峭壁历经数百万年的侵蚀后 成了洞穴,再进一步变成拱岩,拱岩坍塌后,原 地岩柱依然屹立。   141 popularnews - 37 

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