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 16 - popularnews 140     Connie Chan, Senior Graphic Artist 陈凯仪,高级动画设计师 The COVID-19 lockdown period tested our ability to adapt to the environment. The shift from working in the office to working from home for the adults, and from learning in physical to virtual classes for the kids revealed our impressive capacity to adapt. Whether working as a team or independently, we all used our best methods to finish a task no matter how challenging they were. I truly believe that David McGee, Director of Sales 大卫·麦吉,销售总监 It’s been a real challenge working from home in the past two years. Probably the hardest adjustment for me was missing the day-to-day contact with co-workers and clients. We had to immediately adjust to Zoom meetings and help clients adjust to kerb side pickup arrangements as their stores were closed. Schools in Canada were closed during the first wave, so the demand for our books was extremely high. I had to deal with not only national retailers like Costco and Staples but also schools Jeffrey Siu, Senior Art Manager 邵志辉,高级艺术经理 The past two years of the outbreak have been challenging both physically and mentally, especially with the strict medical restrictions that I had to adhere to when caring for beloved family members who needed to be in and out of the hospital and nursing home. The new work arrangement was a bit cumbersome at first. Thanks to technology and the hard work and dedication of my team, everything went smoothly and efficiently. Working from home, we printed and drove less, resulting in a positive environmental impact on the world. The pandemic has taught me a lot, especially about our health. Working from home allowed me to incorporate as long as we work as a team, we will make the best of 2022 and beyond. 新冠疫情封城考验了我们适应环境的 能力。无论是成年人从办公室转移到 居家办公,还是孩子们从课堂移师 到居家学习,都展示了我们非凡的适 应能力。无论是团队合作还是独立工 and parents across Canada. Each wave has brought about a different set of challenges in the Canadian market. Hopefully this has finally come to an end. into my fitness regime and commit to working out three times a week, which enhanced my creativity and increased my productivity throughout the day. Last but not the least, I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. 作,我们都竭尽所能,完成任务,哪怕 挑战重重。我坚信只要我们齐心协力, 就一定能在2022年及今后的每一天都做 到尽善尽美。 过去两年的居家办公真是一大挑战。对 我而言,最难适应的是无法与其他同事 和客户保持日常联系,我们须立即适应 Zoom线上会议。由于客户店面关闭等因 素,我们和客户会安排在路边取货。加 拿大的学校在第一波疫情暴发后都停课 了,导致我们的出版品需求量飙升。我 得和好市多、史泰博等众多全国零售商 沟通,还要与加拿大各地的学校和家长 打交道。每一波疫情都会为加拿大带来 一系列不同的挑战,庆幸的是这一切终 于结束了。 过去两年的疫情期间,让我面临身心的 双重挑战,尤其是要到医院和疗养院照 顾至亲时,我得恪守医疗场所的各种管 制措施。 起初新的工作安排略微棘手,不 过藉由科技和团队的共同努力及全情投 入,工作渐渐得心应手,也卓有成效。 同时,居家办公也大幅减少了打印和外 出驾车,有利于世界的环保。 这场大流行病让我受益匪浅,尤其更 注重健康。居家办公也允许我将个人健身 计划贯穿其中,每周三次的锻炼既提升了 创意,也提高了一整天的工作效率。 最后我由衷希望每个人都平安健康。     

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