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 14 - popularnews 140      Aimen Akbar, Editor 艾门·阿克巴,编辑 Although it came at a time of global distress as the pandemic hit us all in various ways, working from home helped us work safely. For me, it proved to be the key to maintaining positivity; I was able to work from my parents’ house as they helped my kindergartener with his virtual lessons. Also, I was glad to take in lots of sunlight while editing online and learning to collaborate with our wonderful team remotely. Now, as we head back to our office, I am extremely thankful for experiencing the virtual, sunlit world of the future and for the mental and physical wellbeing of my family, friends, and colleagues. 疫情让全球陷入困 境,冲击着人们生活 的方方面面,不过居 家办公却为我们提供 了安全的工作环境。 对我而言,这是维持 积极心态的关键因 素;我在父母家中 办公,而两老则辅导我那幼儿园的孩子上网课。此 外,我也能边晒太阳,边在线进行编辑工作,学习 如何和团队远程合作。 现在我们已重返办公室。我由衷感激居家线上 办公的经历,同时能边晒太阳的愿景生活,也感恩 我的家人、朋友和同事均身心康健。   Ammon Wang, Staff Accountant 王一喆,会计师 Working from home is not a new concept, but the pandemic has sped up its adoption around the world. Many of us had to overcome the initial discomfort and adapt to working from home. I used to think that working in the office would give me a stronger sense of involvement and integration. Now, I find that working from home has its benefits too, as a good home environment can be more conducive for concentrating on completing the work. Besides saving on transportation costs, commuting time is better utilised to rest and work instead, which can increase productivity. Of course, there are also downsides. For some, the amount of physical exercise is reduced, and their weights have skyrocketed. However, for others, it increases their enthusiasm for weekend outdoor activities and enhances parent-child relationships. All in all, I am grateful for the different life and work experience that this period of working from home has brought me. 居家办公并非新概念,只不过新冠疫情让它成为常 态,许多人一开始无法适应,但也都逐渐适应了这 种模式。我曾以为在办公室工作可以让人有更强的 参与感和融入感,不过现在我发觉在家工作也有好 处,因为良好的住家环境更利于集中精力完成工 作。此外还能节省交通成本,通勤时间减少了,可 以更好地用来休息和工作,工作效率也随之提高。 当然,缺点也是存在的。对一些人而言,锻炼的时 间减少了,体重就随之飙升。另外一些人则对周末 户外活动热情高涨,亲子关系也随之加强。总的来 说,我很感激这段与众不同的居家办公生活和工作 经历。  

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