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          18 - popularnews 140      Mandy Lai, Publishing Director 黎婉琪,出版总监 Working from home was alien to me when it began two years ago. Extra effort was needed to pull oneself away from housework, kids, and all sorts of distractions. Apart from setting up a new work environment at home, new communication skills through digital devices posed challenges too. Fortunately, all our staff have been incredibly patient and have been working extremely hard to get used to this new life setting. Working remotely but closely with all our staff members helped me keep up with the schedules and ensure that all the projects were on the right track. After these two years of “training”, I have developed the practice of dividing my schedule into blocks and shifting my roles from time to time. I am happy for myself to be able to adapt changes. Lastly, I am grateful for Popular Canada, a company that truly cares for employees. All the support and consideration that Popular Canada ensures have been the source of confidence and security. 两年前开始的居家办公,对我来说有 些陌生,需额外的努力才能远离家 务、孩子和各种干扰。除了要在家里 建立一个新的办公环境,借助数码设 备进行新的沟通技能也是挑战。所 幸,所有同仁都极有耐心,竭力适应 这种新的生活模式。远程办公同时与 员工们密切合作的模式,让我得以确 保所有项目都按照计划进行。经过这 两年的“培训”,我养成了把自己的 时间表分成一段一段的习惯,并且能 够随时切换角色。我为自己能够适应 变化而感到欣喜。 最后,我要感谢加拿大大众,这 是一家真正关心员工的公司。加拿大 大众所给予的支援和考量,一直都是 员工信任和安全感的源泉。   Ming Cheung, Chief Illustrator/Studio Manager 张子明,首席插画师/工作室经理 After about two years working from home, I am quite used to this work mode. There are many advantages like saving time and money for the daily commute, having extra hours to be with my family and to prepare dinner, as well as working without wearing a mask. But I started to feel a bit lonely and isolated after working alone at home for too long. I missed the interactions with my colleagues, and I also missed the atmosphere in the office. What I missed the most was our Friday lunch. Now that we are heading back to work in the office again, I feel so happy Susanna Chan, Editorial Manager 陈铭莉,编辑经理 The last two years that I spent in this workspace have been bitter and sweet. Bitter because of the pandemic, yet sweet because of everyone's efforts and how far we've come. Take care everyone and see you in the office! to meet everybody again. I am still concerned about the pandemic as it’s far from over. Perhaps a hybrid work arrangement is the ideal approach for us at this time. 居家办公两年来,我已经非常习惯这种 工作模式。优点诸多,如节省通勤时间 和交通费用,有多余的时间陪伴家人和 准备晚餐,以及无须佩戴口罩工作。 不过独自在家办公太久,开始感 到有些孤独和与世隔绝。我想念和同 事之间的互动、办公室的氛围,尤其 想念我们的周五午餐。 过去两年居家工作,苦乐参半。苦是 因为疫情,乐是因为每个人付出努力 而有了今日的成果。大家保重,办公 室见! 很开心我们又要返回公司工作 了,可以见到大家,不过我还是担心 疫情远未结束,或许混合工作模式是 我们目前最理想的方法。     

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