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      Jerry Ji, Senior Finance Manager 季江平,高级财务经理 Working from home, I can have fewer distractions and it helps me stay focused on completing my work. It also saves me time without having to commute to the office. From a HR perspective, according to a PWC survey, providing new flexible working options to meet employee personal needs is an important strategy to attract and retain talent, and 72% of the organisations surveyed offer a hybrid work schedule. Mabel Tang, Publishing Manager 邓慧诗,出版经理 We have been working from home intermittently since the outbreak of the pandemic. Luckily for us, we can keep our work running smoothly in this digital era as it is more manageable to work remotely and communicate with one another using Zoom, WhatsApp, and video calls. Working from home brought many challenges at the beginning, one of which was the setting up of a proper workspace in my already cluttered home (and I wasn’t the only one that needed to work remotely!). I had to make room for stacks of books for reference. I even put a stack by my chair, which has toppled a few times by accident! After almost two years, I guess everyone is used to this work mode. But I do miss working in the office, where we can have real interactions and develop closer team bonding and higher work spirit. 居家办公后我更少分心,更集中精力完 成工作,还节省了上下班的时间。 根据普华永道的一项调查,从人力 资源角度来看,推行全新的灵活工作制 来满足员工的个人需求,是一项吸引和 留住人才的重要战略。调查显示,72% 的公司愿意推行混合制办公模式。 自疫情暴发以来,我们一直断断续续地 在家工作。幸运的是,我们在数码时 代照样可以让工作平稳运行,因为利用 Zoom、WhatsApp和视频通话进行远程沟 通显得更可控。 我在居家办公初期面对的困难之 一,就是得在拥挤的家中腾出合适的办 公空间(因为我不是家中唯一需要远程 办公的人)。我甚至也要为成堆的参考书 腾出地方,就连我的椅子旁边也堆放了 不少,好几次不小心被推倒了。 两年过去了,我想大家已经习惯了 这种工作模式。不过我的确想念在办公 室工作,可以有真正的互动,建立更紧 密的团队凝聚力和更高昂的工作斗志。             140 popularnews - 17 

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