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  Food Blog 食在好玩 Name of Store 美味店家 Liu He Strawberry Far Address 地址 Picking Strawberries in Miaoli 到苗栗采草莓啰 Pick your own fresh and juicy strawberries in Miaoli. 亲尝手摘苗栗鲜嫩多汁香气十足的草莓。 m 六合高架牛奶草莓农场 structu will co re was easy, were spacious and wheelchair accessible. Although picking your own strawberries st more, ther other strawberry products purchase within as w e is no cap on the amount of strawberries that you can pick. Furthermore, you do not need to pay for admission as it is included. There are also 走 available for By Lin Shengwei (Taiwan) 文:林昇玮(台湾)        As the strawberry season approaches again, Liu He Strawberry Farm in Taiwan’s Miaoli County will be open every day, from November until the end of the strawberry season in April of the following year. This strawberry farm grows strawberries on an elevated structure that is divided into two levels. This allows children to easily pick the strawberries from the lower level. However, bear in mind that picking strawberries towards the end of the season will become more of a treasure hunt as you have to search high and low for them. Besides offering visitors the opportunity to pick their own strawberries, the strawberry farm also sells strawberries that are picked each morning and buying them at the strawberry farm’s store is also a cheaper option. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the farm. The staff was friendly, picking the strawberries from the elevated and the walkways (Translated by Shawn Pang) 又快到草莓季了,位于台湾苗栗县 的六合高架牛奶草莓农场,从每 年11月至隔年4月草莓季结束前,每天 都会开园营业。 农场以高架种植草莓,设有高底 两层,就算是小朋友也能轻松采果。不 过,草莓园开放一段时间采摘后,后期 入园采果的朋友就比较像是在寻宝,都 要低头蹲下来采草莓。 现在的草莓园除了入园采果之外, 也直接贩售店家当天早上现采的草莓, 如果不想亲身体验采草莓,直接购买也 选择,也较为便宜。 总体而言,农场体验很棒,服务人 员亲切,高架采草莓比较轻松,而且 道宽敞,轮椅也可进入。虽然自采 价格偏贵,不过可以自由选择采量, 也不收取门票,园内还有规划饮食专 区,也可以购买其他草莓制品,收获 是不错的 满满。  142 popularnews - 41   ell. No. 2-23, 7 Ling Shuiwei, Fuxing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan 台湾苗栗县大湖乡富兴村7邻水尾2-23号 Operating Hours 营业时间 8.00am to 6.30pm   

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