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 Readers Into a Realm of Mystery 漫游阿努尔小说秘境 Memukau Pembaca Mer AnuarDarwisy,thecelebratedMalaysianauthorof horror stories, has a simple word of advice to young writers: read more. 马来西亚知名恐怖小说家阿努尔·达尔维西寄语年轻 作家: 读书要多多益善。 Nasihat Anuar Darwisy kepada penulis muda agar memperbanyak membaca. Renowned Malaysian novelist Anuar Darwisy began writing short stories when he was still a primary school student, many of which were published in various local magazines. His passion for writing continued even after he started working, when he began posting his short stories on his blog. Today, Anuar is a full- time writer. In 2014, Anuar began writing horror stories. He started with the experiences of his elders and the stories that they had told him. For Anuar, their tales were especially important as they formed the foundation from which he could shape their stories with his own flair and writing style. To make some of the older stories more relevant to contemporary readers, Anuar added a modern touch through the    42 - popularnews 142 entasi Alam Misteri   

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