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                                                   5    1. The Promenade de Montreux Riviera is located between Lake Geneva and steep mountain slopes 蒙特勒湖畔大道,位于日内瓦湖和陡峭的山坡之间 2. The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne that dates back to the 14th century 卢塞恩建于14世纪的卡佩尔廊桥 3. The train ride to the Matterhorn 搭乘火车前往马特洪峰 4. The Harder Kulm Observatory offers a bird’s eye view of the stunning panorama of Interlaken 哈德库尔姆瞭望台可鸟瞰茵特拉肯叹为观止的全景 5. Staubbach Falls, the signature waterfall of Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen Valley 劳特布鲁嫩山谷的标志性瀑布——施陶河瀑布   the water is not potable in certain places, it will be indicated clearly. We saved plenty of money as bottled drinking water in Switzerland, and in Europe in general, can be pretty expensive. Of course, there is always the option of buying drinking water from the supermarkets if drinking tap water is not your cup of tea. However, we came across many people filling their water bottles directly from the taps in the toilets and from public fountains. The Swiss Standard of Living Switzerland is a safe place to travel around, even when doing it alone. In fact, Switzerland scores even higher than in Singapore on the safety index! While some pickpocketing occurs in the major cities with many tourists, the locals seemed nonchalant about leaving their belongings around in public, even in crowded places. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to be careful with our belongings when travelling. Besides being safe, Switzerland is also very clean. Even the public washrooms in high human traffic areas were clean, albeit slightly wet. This was the case everywhere – in tourist areas, in the trains and malls, and at the airport. I felt very comfortable and safe using the public washrooms in Switzerland wherever I went. The best part of my Swiss public toilet experience was that toilet tissues was readily available and completely free of charge. Switzerland’s jaw-dropping scenery and high standard of living are known the world over. Yet, beyond the stunning views, Switzerland’s people set the example of how to coexist harmoniously with their beautiful country. 瑞士以高山湖泊和层峦叠嶂著称于 世,景色之壮观令人叹为观止。 漫步此地,随处可见如诗如画般的风 光。瑞士共有四种官方语言:德语、法 语、意大利语和罗曼什语。其中罗曼什 语主要通用于瑞士格劳宾登州,自1938 年起被列为官方语言之一。 大多数瑞士人都能听懂英文,即使 有的说得不流利。规模稍大的餐馆提供 多种外语的菜单,包括英文。因此点餐 时,你可以要求英文菜单或干脆让侍应 生推介。就我而言,我特别推荐瑞士国 菜“奶酪火锅”和一种名为“罗斯蒂” 的瑞士薯饼。 坐火车畅游瑞士 瑞士铁路四通八达,因此坐火车畅游瑞 士轻而易举。我也认为瑞士是最适合坐 火车出游的欧洲国家了,与搭巴士相 比,坐火车可以领略更多美景。我们购 142 popularnews - 39 

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