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   12   34 Switzerland is known for its stunning vistas of alpine lakes and mountains. In fact, there is picture-perfect scenery everywhere you go in this beautiful country. Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The last is spoken predominantly in the Swiss canton of Grisons and has been recognised as a national language since 1938. Many Swiss can understand English, even if they do not speak it well. The larger restaurants tend to have menus written in various foreign languages, including English. Feel free to ask for a menu in English, or just ask the staff for their recommendations. Personally, I would recommend trying cheese fondue and Rösti, a type of Swiss hash brown. Getting Around in Style Travelling around Switzerland is a breeze as the country is well-connected by its train system. Indeed, I believe that Switzerland is the best European country to travel by train for sightseeing as, compared to travelling by bus, travelling by rail lets you see more of the country. Hence, we opted for the Swiss Travel Pass, which also allowed us to utilise all forms of land-based and waterborne public transport throughout our trip. Be sure to get yourself a window seat and have your camera ready so that you do not miss the stunning views along the way! Interestingly, the doors on the Swiss trains do not open at the station by default. Instead, there are buttons located both inside and outside the train carriages that enable the corresponding door to be opened when pressed. Toilets can be found on most trains and some trains even contain designated dining areas. The seats on Swiss trains are divided into two classes and most seats are free seating, except in the Glacier Express, the direct train connecting the two major mountain resorts of Zermatt and St Moritz in the central Swiss Alps. The Sun, Canines, and Tap Water The weather in Switzerland can be quite unpredictable especially if you are planning to visit the mountainous areas. The wind chill is also a factor to bear in mind as the mountain wind can be bone- chilling, even when there is plenty of sunshine. At the same time, the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight are very strong due to the high altitude, so put on plenty of sunscreen. For those who get sunburnt easily, try using a sunscreen with a higher protection factor. Despite being known for its mountainous terrain, dogs are a common sight in Switzerland. Many locals bring their dogs out with them, even on the train and cable car rides. The overwhelming majority of the dogs that we came across were very well-behaved. One of the wonderful things that I truly appreciate about Switzerland is that I can drink the water directly from the tap. If 38 - popularnews 142 

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