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     携手廿载:海滨食谱 作家张莉婵 Celebrated Malaysian chef Patsie Cheong talks about ingenuity in her 40 years in the culinary world. 资深名厨张莉婵分享纵横美食界40年的 匠心路程。 Any discussion of the amazing line-up of cookbook authors in Seashore Publishing is sure to bring up the name of renowned Malaysian chef Patsie Cheong. With more than 40 years of culinary experience under her belt, Chef Cheong’s recipes have won her many awards, including the prestigious "Gourmand World Cookbook Awards”. She has also served as the spokesperson for various food manufacturers and kitchenware suppliers, while helping them to develop their businesses domestically and overseas. In 2000, Chef Cheong launched her cookbook Malaysian Delicacies at the invitation of POPULAR. For the book’s research, she travelled all over the country with her assistant to look for the most traditional and unique food in the various kampungs of Malaysia. "In much of traditional cuisine, the cooking involves complex steps, so it took us a lot of time to figure out how to keep the original taste while simplifying the cooking process," she says. Since then, Chef Cheong has worked with Seashore Publishing for close to 20 years. She has published over 40 cookbooks with POPULAR and Seashore Publishing over these two decades, becoming one of the latter’s best-selling cookbook authors. A Culinary Journey of 40 Years When asked why she chose to become a culinary professional, Chef Cheong reveals that the key reason was the influence from many family members who have worked in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Her grandfather was a restaurant’s head chef and her uncle is a well-known personality in Hong Kong’s F&B industry, leading to Chef Cheong aspiring to become a chef from a young age. She recalls picking up many culinary skills when sneaking into the kitchen to snack on the food prepared by her family members when she observed their cooking process.. Chef Cheong believes that becoming a chef is a path that cannot be forced onto By Yap Ding Xin (Malaysia) 文:叶丁心(马来西亚)  A Partnership of Twenty Years 140 popularnews - 43 

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