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     Learning from an Unprecedented Pandemic 疫起领悟 2020 was meant to be another year of joy But that joy was taken away By the outbreak of a virus That diminished all hopes Aspirations for 2020 were no more Even the Olympics lost its spectators Concerns rose, infections widened Economy plunged, many suffered Some lost friends and family members We lost our co-worker Who would expect that a microscopic virus Could be so widespread and deadly? POPULAR was not spared As a team, we fought through many obstacles In the new norm, everyone underwent work changes As a united family, we accepted all challenges Overcoming this pandemic is crucial Focus on health and stay strong Take care of our mental health Let’s look out for each other Regardless of what lies ahead of us We are all in this together Our hearts are as one Till it is all over The pandemic has reminded us That life is beyond prediction Do not hold on to the past Let’s focus on the present and future now! 2020原是喜庆之年 不过那份欢欣 被突如其来的病毒带走了 所有期盼也都一并卷走了 2020宏愿不复存在 奥运会空荡无观众 病毒蔓延,全球关注 经济骤降,遍地哀嚎 有的失去亲朋挚友 我们失去工作伙伴 谁能料到小小病毒 会如此致命而广传? 尽管大众也受到疫情波及 身为团队,我们携手克服重重困境 新常态下,大家致力适应工作变化 团结的大众大家庭,接受各种挑战 战胜疫情,至关重要 注重健康,保持坚强 呵护心理,心广体壮 照看彼此,爱心送暖 无论前方如何 我们风雨同舟 万众一心 直至疫霾散去 这场疫情提醒我们 生命难料 莫再执于过去的沼泥 活在当下,放眼未来! By Leong Foong See (Malaysia ) 文:梁凤诗(马来西亚)  32 - popularnews 140 (翻译:郭诗玲) 

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