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     We visited Taiwan’s last remaining glass- bottled soda factory to relive childhood memories! 到台湾仅存的玻璃瓶汽水制造工厂,重拾 儿时记忆! Our destination: Taiwan’s Miaoli County. Our first stop was Taiwan's only remaining glass-bottled soda manufacturer, DoubleNiceee Marble Soda Factory. Popularly known as “ramune”, the iconic Japanese soda features a marble in the neck of the glass bottle that will rattle while drinking. Interestingly, “ramune” is said to have been derived from the English word “lemonade,” as the original soda had a hint of citrus flavour. We made a reservation in advance as the factory does not accept walk-in visitors. Our tour began with a video presentation introducing the factory's history and how the marble soda is made. There was a quiz after that where gifts were awarded to the visitors who answered the questions correctly. The highlight of the tour was trying our hands at making our own marble soda. We started off by adding sugar to water, and then filling our bottles with carbon dioxide. Our handiwork was considered a success if the soda water did not leak out of the bottle. If there was a leak, we got to try again and again as everyone was allocated half an hour to make their own marble soda. Even those who had gotten it right could try refilling their bottles. It was truly a fun experience for everyone. After that, we made our own rice crackers. The aroma of rice filled the area as the popping sounds signalled that the rice crackers were ready! I made a bagful of rice crackers for myself, reminiscing about my childhood. Visiting One of Miaoli’s Best Restaurants We then headed to "Heshan Restaurant" for our meal. A famous restaurant in the Gongguan Township in Miaoli County, this popular Hakka restaurant has a distinctive character. A teapot featuring the restaurant’s name is placed on every wooden table within the restaurant, and the teapot is filled with hot perilla plum tea to provide a refreshing welcome to the visitors. Though the boiled chicken was exceptional delicious, the dish that impressed me the most was the pork trotter spaghetti. Neither greasy nor fat, the unique combination of pork trotter with the thick pasta was simply unforgettable! (Translated by Shawn Pang) By Cheng Yi-Chan (Taiwan) 文:程翊展(台湾)   140 popularnews - 33 

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