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 Nearly two years have passed since reduced as everyone remained cautious, 一时之间,台湾各大城市、街区、 the outbreak of COVID-19, an event resembling the resetting of a machine. The world seemed to have been flung back in time to the influenza pandemics of the 20th century. As the pandemic developed initially, the situation in Taiwan was relatively safe and calm because of our unique geographical conditions, along with strong measures to prevent the spread of the disease and the active wearing of masks. However, this line of defence was breached in May 2021, when Taoyuan, Yilan, Taipei, and New Taipei City saw cases of infections. The number of confirmed cases surged from single digits to the hundreds, and Taiwan was soon embattled. On 15 May 2021, the Level 3 alert was declared for the whole of Taiwan. As though someone had hit the pause button on Taiwan, all the major cities, neighbourhoods, downtown areas, and scenic spots became empty suddenly. People complied actively during the 15-day Level 3 alert, reducing their time outside, refraining from dining out, strengthening cleaning and disinfection, and implementing any measures that could reduce the spread of the disease to their utmost. However, this did not seem to slow the pandemic down. The Level 3 alert was extended – to over three and a half months. To curb this wave of COVID-19, the lives of the 23.5-million population of Taiwan only began gradually returning normal in August. Like a Scene from a Dream What left the deepest impression was when my family and I stepped into a Chinese restaurant once again in August. It was like a scene from a dream. The large round table in the restaurant could accommodate 15 normally, but with partitions in place, it could now only fit 10. The table had suddenly grown spacious! The Chinese restaurant switched to a Western presentation, with meals being plated for individual diners out of concerns of hygiene and safety. While it was rare for the family to dine out, conversation was nonetheless with disease prevention on their minds. Here’s to the pandemic passing quickly, so that we may gather for meals once again, talking and laughing like we used to! 闹市、景区等,都像被按下暂停键般, 顿时不见人影。人们积极配合15天的 三级警戒期,减少出门,不再外食,并 加强自身的清洁消毒,任何可降低感染 风险的措施都做好做满。不过,疫情仍 不见减缓,三级警戒期不断延长,一眨 眼,就过了三个半月。为抑制这一波冠 病疫情,全台2350万人到了8月份,才 渐渐地再次迈开生活步伐。 外出用餐 如梦似幻 最让我印象深刻的,是8月份我和家人 再次走进中餐厅用餐的情景,仿佛就像 一场梦。以往可坐15人的大圆桌,今时 放上防疫隔板,只限10人同桌,顿时 觉得餐桌变大了!中餐厅改以西式个人 分盘用餐方式,确保卫生安全;一家子 难得外出吃饭,却减少交谈,继续谨慎 防疫。 期待疫情赶快过去,让我们围坐用 餐时,能如同以往再次畅谈欢笑! 冠 (Translated by Daryl Li ) 病疫情暴发至今近两年,像是重 新开机的特别契机,全球仿佛回 到20世纪初流感席卷全球的那段时期。 在冠病蔓延全球的前半期,台湾因 得天独厚的地理条件及人民积极防疫、 主动戴口罩,而在全球疫情中相对安全 平静。然而,一直严防境外输入的坚强 防线,在2021年5月中旬出现了破口。 桃园、宜兰、台北和新北相继出现染疫 者,确诊人数从个位数增加至百位数, 整个台湾很快便失守。台湾冠病疫情中 心也在2021年5月15日宣布全台进入冠 病三级警戒状态。  136 popularnews - 39 

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