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          Be Observant and Seize the Opportunities In my early years of learning photography, I learnt that I needed to be more observant to take nice photographs. However, not only is keen observation needed, acting fast to seize the opportunity is equally important. An opportunity does not happen all the time, and certainly does not wait around for you. Processing my photographs after the end of a trip has taught me to see many things from a different perspective. I often wonder how my photographs would look had I taken a shot from a different angle or orientation. I always ask myself questions to challenge my photography skills, like “Why didn't I take this photo like this?”, “Why didn't I look back in the opposite direction?” and “Why didn't I try taking this shot from different angles?”. Falling in Love Over and Over Again Looking back at all the photographs taken during a holiday has given me the 136 popularnews - 41 

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