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 What Photography Has Taught Me 回忆定格:摄影教我的事 A Popular Malaysia staff has learnt that taking the perfect shot is much more than just simply pressing the shutter. 拍摄一张完美的照片,不只是按下快门那么简单, 听马来西亚大众同仁娓娓道来。 By Michelle Tan Soo Lin (Malaysia) 文:陈思伶(马来西亚)  Many people enjoy taking photographs when they travel. Some love taking photographs of the landscape, while others enjoy taking portraits of others or themselves. For me, travel photography is my passion. I have always enjoyed photography, and learning how to improve my skills has been a constant pursuit through the years. I travelled with my fellow photography enthusiasts to various destinations as nothing beats learning from one another while trying to document our trips through our lenses. Slow Down and Be Patient For me, photography started off as a hobby, but it has taught me many life lessons over the years. Growing up usually means more commitments in life, but it also means that we have more things to do. Therefore, our lives tend to be fast-paced as though we do not have much time in a day. We tend to rush through our tasks in life as we want to complete them as fast as possible so that we can do more. Photography has taught me to slow down and be patient as I wait for the right moment to capture my desired shot. The many features available on a modern camera have also enabled me to try out as many possible settings for the same scene as possible, and I have learned not to rush through the photo-taking process. Oftentimes, a different setting might just bring out little details that would otherwise have been missed. Reflect on the Bigger Picture In our frantic daily life, how many of us can truly afford the luxury of looking back and reflecting on our actions on a regular basis? Taking up photography has allowed me to do just that whenever I review all the photographs taken on a trip. Furthermore, photography has taught me to always look back and to also literally take a step back when needed. A magnificent vista will always tempt you to snap away, but turning around to look in the opposite direction, you might find scenery that is equally breathtaking. Meanwhile, taking a step back may sound like you have gone in the wrong direction, but taking a step or two back when taking a photograph may give you a wider perspective of the surroundings. We sometimes focus on details so much that we end up missing the bigger picture. For some, taking photographs is just a simple act of pressing the shutter button. However, finding the right angle and composition is key to framing a photograph. This is when the skills and abilities of an experienced photographer can make a huge difference. In my photography learning journey, I have learnt to take photographs from different angles, moving my camera or even repositioning myself instead of standing at just one position to capture the best shot. 40 - popularnews 136    

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