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 attached to each title. While the original regular CCC continues to be sold to all other retailers and on our website, launching this enriched Costco version has strategically helped us drive sales higher within the CCC series! CCC: French Immersion Popular Canada created Programme canadien complet, a fully French Immersion version of the CCC series for Grades 1 to 3 and launched it in 2019. Each workbook in this series covers four subject areas: Mathematics, French Language, Social Studies, and Science, and is completely in French and intended for students in the French Immersion programme (meaning they are learning 100% in French for every subject they are taught). These Programme canadien complet workbooks are published in full colour as well, with captivating illustrations meant to engage children in learning in French. New Additions to the CCC Series Released in September 2021, our CCC will be extended to include Preschool and Kindergarten titles. Published in full colour, these new additions will allow students to enjoy the CCC series all through their early learning and elementary school levels. Along with the regular series, enriched editions of the two titles have also been released solely for the Costco market. Popular Canada anticipates that these will also be bestsellers! We are excited to see how Canadian students will continue to benefit from this everlasting series: Complete Canadian Curriculum! 位。即使在疫情期间,《大全》系列的 各年级作业本销量也超过四万册,深受 认可。 产品自述 《大全》作业本是根据加拿大课程与主 题而设计的作业练习。每册《大全》综 合作业本涵盖加拿大课程的主要学习科 目:数学、英文、社会科学、科学(一 至六年级);数学、英文、历史、地 理、科学(七至八年级)。 每本书的单元设计,旨于让孩童充 分理解概念,掌握必要技巧。每个科目 按内容分章,进而划分为独立单元,而 每个单元会专注于该科目的课题。在进 入练习以前,各课题的详细解析与题型 例子,促进孩子对主题的理解。书内还 有多元化的练习,推动孩子积极参与。 书末附有答案表,供孩子与家长对照。 《大全》系列色彩鲜艳,全彩插图与趣 味练习能让孩子寓学于乐。 过 加拿大大众的代表作。《大全》系列 首创于2007年,每本超过300页的作业 本,内容涵盖数学、英文、社会科学, 以及科学,不仅位列加拿大大众作业 本畅销榜,也热销于整个加拿大(见 BookNet2020榜单)。 在疫情笼罩全球的2020年,我们的 《大全》系列成为了全加拿大最畅销的 作业本,在市面上现有的小学课程作 业本中,占了畅销榜上的第一至第八 去14年,《加拿大课程大全》 (简称《大全》)系列持续成为 135 popularnews - 13 

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