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   Complete Canadian Curriculum – Our Everlasting Products 长青产品:《加拿大课程大全》 The Complete Canadian Curriculum series, POPULAR’s best-selling workbooks in Canada, is all set to reach greater heights! 作为加拿大大众最畅销的作业本系列,《加拿大课程大全》蓄势待发,更上一层楼! For the past 14 years, the Complete Canadian Curriculum (CCC) series has continued to be a staple of Popular Canada’s company portfolio. Created in 2007, each title in the CCC series is a comprehensive workbook of 300+ pages covering four key subject areas: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science. These workbooks continue to be the top-selling workbooks not only for Popular Canada but in all of Canada (see BookNet 2020 Chart). In the year 2020, during the global pandemic, our CCC workbooks were the top-selling workbooks in all of Canada, holding places one through eight for all of the elementary school grades in which the workbooks were available. As well, Popular Canada sold over 40,000 units of each grade of the CCC series in 2020, even during the pandemic, which gives evidence to how powerful, accepted, and well-known this series is to Canadians. Product Description CCC workbooks are created with content based on the Canadian curriculum and Canadian themes. Each CCC title is an integrated workbook that covers key subject areas in the Canadian curriculum: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science (for Grades 1 to 6); and Mathematics, English, History, Geography, and Science (for Grades 7 and 8). The units in each title are designed to ensure that children understand the concepts and master the necessary skills. Each subject area forms a section which is broken down into individual units, with each unit focusing on a topic within that key subject area. Detailed explanations of the topic with follow-along examples before practice are included, so that children have a deeper understanding of the key concept. A wide variety of activities are designed to keep children involved and motivated. An answer key is provided at the back of the book to help both children and their parents check their work. With the vivid, full-colour illustrations and interesting activities, children will find working through our CCC workbooks both fun and rewarding! Timeline of the CCC Series First launched in 2007, the CCC series was created for Grades 1 to 6. These original editions were printed in black and white and quickly became an anchor series for Costco. By 2009, the Grades 7 and 8 editions were launched, also in black and white, and completed the series to cover the entire elementary levels in Canada (Grades 1 to 8). The revised and updated edition of the series was launched in 2015, this time printed in full colour and with updated contents to match new curriculum requirements. CCC and Costco Beginning from its launch and with every new edition of the CCC workbooks, the sales of CCC have continued to increase at Costco, with the series retaining the top- selling position through the retailer. In 2019, a new Costco-only enriched version of the CCC series was created, and it includes a handy Smart Guide Book 12 - popularnews 135 By Erin Wolfe (Canada) 文:艾琳·沃夫(加拿大) 

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