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  POPULAR @ Westgate 再续服务在西城 Jurong East will always be an important hub in Singapore’s development. Today, it is part of the Jurong Lake District, the regional residential and commercial centre of choice away from the central business and shopping districts of Singapore. The area boasts many commercial districts, like the International Business Park, along with the four large shopping malls located around Jurong East Interchange – IMM, JCube, JEM and Westgate. Westgate, the newest of the four shopping malls, opening in late 2013, is where the POPULAR story in Jurong East has continued. To be able to witness the fast growth of Jurong East since the day POPULAR first made our mark in the neighbourhood has been a privilege for POPULAR. It was announced in early 2021 that building works for the new Jurong East integrated Transport Hub had commenced. Due to be completed in 2027, the new integrated transport hub will feature a fully air- conditioned bus interchange linked to Jurong East MRT Station, as well as to the adjoining shopping malls. In addition, it will feature a 27-storey tower block connected by a sky bridge to an eight-storey podium block that will house offices, retail spaces and other public facilities. There are plenty of new developments to look forward to as Jurong East continues to evolve with the times. POPULAR will also continue to adapt to these new and exciting changes, but one thing is for sure: POPULAR will definitely be around as we continue to serve the community in Jurong East. 西城购物中心。 大众在2013年底,从这四家购物商 场中选择了西城购物中心,延续了我们 在裕廊东的大众故事。 大众有幸从裕廊东蓬勃发展的第 一天起,就见证并且参与了它的改 变。2021年初,新的裕廊东综合交通枢 纽正式动工。待2027年竣工时,这个全 冷气设置的巴士转换站,将衔接裕廊东 地铁站与毗邻的商场。此外,这个综合 交通枢纽还将建起一栋27层的塔楼,并 建有一座空中天桥连接至八层楼高的商 住裙楼,将住宅办公室、零售空间和公 共设施纳入同一个屋檐下。 随着裕廊东继续与时并进,更多的 发展空间引颈可期。大众将会继续迎 接新的改变,但有一点我们很肯定的 就是:大众将会继续在裕廊东社区提 供服务。 (翻译:尤美珍) 裕廊东将会成为新加坡发展的重要枢 纽。如今,它除了是裕廊湖区的一部分 外,也是新加坡偏离中央商业与金融区 的一个区域住宅与商业中心。这一带吸 引了许多商业板块,如国际商业园,以 及裕廊东转换站附近的四家巨型购物中 心—— IMM、裕冰坊(JCube)、JEM和 135 popularnews - 11 

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