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    By Aima Mohammad (Malaysia) 文:艾玛·莫哈末(马来西亚) The Uniqueness of Haziah Jaya’s Recipes 独具匠心的阿芝食谱 Keunikan Resipi Haziah Jaya This famous Malaysian food blogger brings a smile to her fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. 疫情期间,马来西亚知名美食博主的巧手烹饪为粉丝带来欢乐。 Mengukir senyuman peminat masakan ketika pandemik melanda. Haziah Jaya works at Bank Negara Malaysia and holds a Bachelor of Economics with Honours from University of Malaya. Using her nickname “Azie”, she began writing on her blog “Azie Kitchen”in 2011 to share the recipes that she has been collecting from family and friends when she was still in school. As a platform for sharing traditional family favourites with a modern twist, the Azie Kitchen blog also includes stories of her family life and pictures taken when they were travelling. "I have always been interested in cooking and photography since I was a child,” Azie said. “Therefore, the blog is a suitable platform for me to express my interest.” With over 255 million page-views, Azie Kitchen is Malaysia’s top food blog. Typically having over 100,000 daily visitors, this figure triples during the festive season. The overwhelming popularity of her blog eventually led Azie to publish a cookbook in 2019. 101 Recipes from Azie Kitchen, A Step- by-Step Guide by POPULAR’s publishing arm Seashore Malaysia was so popular that it was reprinted the following year. When asked about her source of inspiration behind her enthusiasm in setting up the Azie Kitchen blog and publishing her recipe book, Azie revealed that she remains motivated to continue writing after receiving unceasing support from her many followers. “They are my source of inspiration to continue creating cuisine that everyone can enjoy!" COVID-19 and the Extraordinary Visits The global COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the world with millions of infections and deaths. Many Malaysians were affected, both economically and emotionally, by the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the Malaysian government. Azie was no exception. Unexpectedly, the visitor numbers to Azie Kitchen skyrocketed during the MCO. With many Malaysians being forced to stay at home, many of them turned to the recipes found on Azie Kitchen for inspiration when cooking for their families. The demand for her cookbook also soared, as many of Azie’s fans wanted to try cooking the dishes from Azie Kitchen at home. Even the number of 42 - popularnews 131 

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