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  followers and total views of the Azie Kitchen YouTube channel increased significantly. In addition to updating her blog and uploading the latest videos and recipes, Azie also keeps in touch with her fans by replying to their messages on social media. She had even sent signed copies of her recipe books to her fans as a token of appreciation for every purchase of her recipe book during the MCO period. Moving Forward Azie has big plans moving forward. She wants to improve the quality of her photo and video presentations on her blog and YouTube channel, and publish more cookbooks to meet the growing demand, as well as to produce her own cooking products under the Azie Kitchen brand. Azie believes that her food blog will continue to be relevant and will represent part of her legacy and love in the culinary field. In addition to the cooking blog, her cookbooks can serve to pass on her culinary knowledge and an invaluable heritage from generation to generation. Therefore, she is determined to share more traditional dishes and kuihs to ensure that it continues to be known and does not become obsolete. Always Stay Positive In the face of the pandemic, which has had a huge impact on the country's economy, Azie hopes the public, especially women and housewives, will take the initiative to generate an income through cooking. She believes that, in addition to being a source of joy and a therapeutic outlet, cooking can also generate income from the comfort of the kitchen, with the promoting it through social media without the need for large capital or physical shop to operate. Azie also hopes that her followers who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will remain resilient and strong through adversity. There will be brighter days, so do not give up easily and continue to believe that blessings are everywhere. According to Azie, trials and tribulations will only make a person stronger and more creative. Therefore, she encourages readers to use the recipes shared in the Azie Kitchen blog and her cookbook to venture into the food industry in these difficult moments. She is also very appreciative of all the support she has received through the years. (Translated by Priscilla Dashini) 131 popularnews - 43 

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