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         POPULAR has always fascinated me since its commercials were aired on television during my early childhood
days in the 1980s. The contrasting red and white hues of the POPULAR logo never failed to leave an impression on me, and POPULAR’s position as the new bilingual bookstore differentiated it from the other bookstores.
The Rush for “Ten-Year Series”
Back in the era when home computers and
internet subscriptions were still too costly for the average household, the resources available for preparing for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations were the “Ten-Year Series” – assessment books that comprised of past examination papers. Thinking back on the massive hordes of panicking adolescence students and their weary-eyed parents feverishly crowding into POPULAR bookstores to get their hands on the latest edition of the Ten- Year Series still makes me smile!
By Jonathan Tan (Singapore) 文:陈汉宗(新加坡)
 My POPULAR Childhood Dream 我的“大众梦”
Joining POPULAR was the realisation of my childhood dream.
 Many have considered this uniquely-
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