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        By Tan Yuxian (Singapore)
  Cherishing Times 莫负时光勤学习
My transition from a student to a member of the POPULAR family has taught me more than I thought it would.
Apply to learn. This simple mantra bridged my final year in Singapore Management University and the
start of my career. The various tasks that I have encountered over the last year have forged a new way of thinking about classroom theories. I used to believe that every job involves a focused set of activities, where I could catch a glimpse of how textbook theories are manifested in work. However, my perception has shifted over the year, as I realised that work activities are more scattered and require vast expanse
of interdepartmental knowledge and understanding.
Opportunities to Learn and Grow
In the fast-paced working environment of POPULAR, I learnt through hands-on experience during the preparation and execution of the membership campaigns. There were many busy days when campaign deadlines were upon us. These days were stressful and we had to stay back to get the work done. This reminded me of my late-
night study and project discussion sessions during my university days. However, all this hard work brought an abundance of learning opportunities, which helped to enrich my work knowledge and broaden my horizons, bracing me for the challenges ahead.
To date, my biggest project has been the transition away from the use of identity card numbers in our membership processes. Taking on the planning and coordination of critical actions and advancements, I had to
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