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 Singaporean phenomenon to be one of the largest collaborative events, where the majority of the population would spontaneously gather in such great numbers to fulfil our education need. Thus, drawing such odd comparisons to how durian aficionados would flock in droves to their favourite vendors during Singapore’s durian season to savour the pungent yet delectable flesh of the Southeast Asia’s most highly prized fruit!
Working in POPULAR, Naturally
Joining POPULAR, therefore, is a natural progression for me. Working in POPULAR has been a fruitful journey that has taught me that to thrive in a dynamic work environment, adopting a positive work attitude is a must! It is also the harbinger that will fuel that ever-satisfying drive to overcome any challenges along the way. Personally, the biggest satisfaction of my job is to see the awe and delight on the faces of my audience during my facilitation sessions, or while hosting POPULAR staff events such as the annual POPULAR Awards Ceremony and the Lunar New Year Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
When POPULAR was invited to participate in the 2018 National Day Parade, I volunteered to be our contingent’s coordinator and worked with Contingent Commander Ooi Shy Ling as a team to
manage all administrative and logistical duties. I am also thankful for the opportunity to work with the Retail Business division and various stakeholders in early 2018 on retail training video projects to be made accessible via the E-learning platform and the mobile app. POPULAR staff can expect to be able to access more training content online as new videos will be added to the platform in the near future.
I hope that POPULAR will continue our near-century old legacy of serving our local communities for many more generations to come!
1980年代大众书局的电视广告,令我 从小就心驰神往,红白相映的标志让 人难忘!此外,大众以现代化双语书店
自许的新定位,有别于其他书店,与众 不同。
当年,家用电脑和网络服务尚未普及, 学生要为全国会考备战,就必须倚 赖“10年天书”(即集结过往10年会考 题的参考书)。如今回想起考季前夕, 大批家长和学子涌至大众书局抢购参考 书的热闹场面,仍让我会心一笑!
这类大型展销会可谓新加坡特有的 社会现象。大批民众为满足教育需求, 不约而同地汇聚在书店购书,形成一股
风潮。这好比是嗜吃榴梿的饕客为饱口 福,趁着榴梿飘香的季节,蜂拥前往知 名的摊档大啖果王。
对我而言,成为大众家族的一员是理所 当然的选择。在大众工作,获益良多, 让我深刻体会到:要在瞬息万变的环境 力争上游,必须具有积极的工作态度! 正面心态能提供动力,补充正能量,克 服职场上的一切挑战。我在大众工作最 大的满足感,就是在自己负责的培训课 程中,见到学员满意和赞赏的表情;还 有主持与大众员工相关的活动,如年度 大众颁奖典礼,以及新春员工午餐慰劳 会,亦给予我满满的正能量。
当大众受邀参加2018年国庆庆典 时,我自告奋勇,担任团队的联络员, 并与团队的指挥官黄诗凌搭档,负责行 政和后勤事务。我也非常感恩,在2018 年初有机会与零售业务部,以及相关人 士共同参与计划,通过电子学习平台和 移动应用程序,上传我们的零售服务培 训录像。更多新录像会在近期内上传至 学习平台,相信大众同仁将能更便捷地 通过互联网获取丰富的培训资源。
大众不忘初心,为本地社群竭诚服 务已近百年。我深信大众会继续坚守使 命,传承文化,惠泽世代!
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