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           By Sandy Tsai (Taiwan) 文:蔡雯嘉(台湾)  Guiding&Testing for Good Things: A One-Wall Bookstore 寄生茶馆的一面墙书店              Despite the smaller selection, the books in this Penghu bookstore could all become one’s guide in life. 澎湖岛的一面墙书店,书虽不多,但本本都可能成为生命中的指引。  Located on the outer edge of Magong City in Taiwan’s Penghu County, Guiding & Testing for Good Things was established on 24 July 2019. Its selection of books focuses on plants, wellness, social issues, and literature. Its Chinese name contains two homonyms: “植隐” (“plants hidden”) for guidance; and “册室” (“book room”) for testing, referencing the wonderful experiments taking place in this space. Piggybacking The owner, Mr Tsao, originally ran the Grassroots & Fruit teahouse. When he saw patrons reading in the teahouse, he thought of starting a bookstore to bring about a different kind of cultural stimulation. Mr Tsao’s bookstore with just one wall hence piggybacked on the teahouse, with the stairs between the first and second floors serving to divide them. Yet, everything is integrated cleverly, with many interesting things able to find the space to shine. Guiding Stepping into the store in the warm evening sun, I was greeted by the fragrance of tea. Under this relaxed atmosphere, I came to understand Penghu’s distinctive character. Walking up the stairs, I saw posters and illustrations related to marine life, forming a record of Penghu’s unique ecosystems while conveying relevant information such as the use of marine resources and waste recycling in the ocean. I arrived at the library on the second floor just as the dehumidification of the book area was underway. As the warm and humid sea breeze in summer and the salty sea mist in winter will turn the books yellow, keeping them in good condition 16 - popularnews 142 

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