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           is a testament to Mr Tsao's diligence in caring for his books. As soon as you step through the door, you will see the entire wall of books, mainly featuring books about the islands, covering a range of topics from culture and weather to cooking vegetable dishes, while also including more mainstream selections of Taiwanese novels and other books, all of which can be read in the reading area or loaned home to be slowly enjoyed. Testing Apart from book-lending services, the bookstore also organises events, including author dialogues and reading guides. Its tabletop gaming activities use games as a way of sharing life experiences and to impart knowledge about the local area. Another unique project is the “Inter-Island Dialogues” series, using videos and podcasts to feature the youth of Kinmen and the Matsu Islands to share stories from the islands through a dialogue format. Experiences I was able to speak with Mr Tsao during my visit and heard about the struggles as the store went from first generation to second, the determination required in opening a bookstore by the sea, and the boundless expectations for the future. I could feel his sincere love for reading. I hope that this combination of tea, books, and culture will bring to Penghu locals new reading experiences. If you ever find yourself in Penghu, be sure to stop by for a visit! (Translated by Daryl Li) 植隐册室位于台湾澎湖马公市的市 区外缘,这家独立书店于2019 年7月24日开张,书以植物、身心灵与 社会议题和文学为主。“植隐”也是指 引,指引对的方向与对的事。“册室” 更为测试,美好的实验都将在此空间 测试。 寄生 护,由此便可体会草老板对书籍的悉心 照顾。 甫开门便可看到整面墙的书籍,主 要收录岛屿相关的书报与绘本、人文、 天气及植蔬料理等,亦不乏主流的台湾 特色小说、知识类书籍,在现场可随心 挑选有兴趣的书于阅览区阅读,亦可借 回家细细品味。 测试 除了店内书籍借阅服务外,植隐册室会 不定期安排讲座,包含作者对谈、书籍 导读等,亦举办桌游活动让民众参与, 用游戏的方式,引导参加者述说自己的 生活经验,了解在地智慧;另外较特别 的为“岛际对话”,用视讯或podcast邀 请离岛的金门、马祖青年一道来分享, 透过对谈来收藏独特的岛屿故事。 他们也免费提供国际情势的书报及 订阅服务,让澎湖人能有一个完整接收 国际资讯的平台,希望藉由多元的阅读 互动,“测试”出最适合在地人的读册 生活。 体验 这次到访刚好碰到某报社前来访问草老 板,侧耳倾听他述说着植隐册室的故 事,从一代店转为二代店的奋斗泪水、 于咸水烟中开书店的坚持与展望未来 的无限期盼,真诚感受到他对阅读的喜 爱,希望用茶香、书香、人文香,带给 澎湖全新的阅读体验。 如果你到澎湖的话,真的非常值得 实地走访喔。   Guiding & Testing for Good Things also provides newspapers and subscription services that give the Penghu people a platform for comprehensive international news free of charge. With the diversity of reading interactions, the bookstore hopes to determine an approach which best suits the locals. 书店的草老板原本经营一家名为“草根 果子”的茶馆,看到前来的顾客都会翻 阅留在店里的书籍时,让他兴起开书店 的念头,加上周围朋友的鼓励,期待 能带来不同的文化刺激,因此他将书店 “寄生”在草根果子茶馆的一面墙上。 这家只有一面墙的书店与草根果子 共享一个门牌,一楼与二楼透过楼梯作 分界,却能巧妙融合一切,许多好玩的 事物皆在此发光、发热。 指引 走入店中,缓缓西下的阳光照入,好似 用温暖的拥抱迎接前来的旅人,温润的 茶香沁入鼻中,不自觉地放松心情,整 理心绪,跟着书店的“指引”了解澎湖 特色。 踏着阶梯上楼,可以看到许多海洋 相关的画作与简报,记录澎湖特有的动 物、生活环境,与宣导海洋资源、海洋 废弃物回收等资讯,令人不禁驻足仔细 了解其来历,端详其中欲传达的讯息。 来到二楼的藏书室,巧遇书区在除 湿,因夏季有温暖潮湿的海风吹入、冬 季则有澎湖特有的咸水烟弥漫,书籍 容易受潮泛黄,保存不易,只能辛勤养   142 popularnews - 17 

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