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  By Flora Feng (Beijing) 文:冯伟(北京)  Joining POPULAR four years ago, Popular Beijing’s General Manager Han Liang has led his team through the COVID-19 pandemic to expand our businesses steadily with exceptional results. A Sense of Destiny Even before joining Popular Beijing, Han Liang had already crossed paths with POPULAR when he was the sales director at Chang Zheng Education. POPULAR’s Playtime was an important English product in the Chinese market as it helped millions of children in their English learning journey. Han Liang’s exposure to Playtime led him to have full confidence in the quality of POPULAR’s products. Hence, when Han Liang was invited to join Popular Beijing, he did so with a good understanding of POPULAR, and also out of a sense of destiny. “POPULAR left a good impression on me 15 years ago, but I never thought that I would receive the invitation four years ago,” he says. “Almost as though it was fated to begin with, I am honoured to be a part of POPULAR!” Finding Opportunities in Change After joining POPULAR, Han Liang discovered that greater societal diversity has brought new challenges to the publishing and preschool education industries. In particular, China’s many provinces and cities have different policy requirements. To better adapt and respond to market changes, Han Liang adjusted and optimised Popular Beijing’s organisational structure and business model. Popular Beijing today is market- oriented, aiming to meet market demands and policy requirements to provide quality educational resources for kindergarten children. Looking to the future, Popular Beijing will complete the transformation of our product line to capitalise on future opportunities. Doubling Results Amid the Pandemic Unfortunately, the pandemic has been raging on since early 2020. Han Liang slowed Popular Beijing’s expansion plan down to focus on the health and safety of the staff, but to ensure that Popular 18 - popularnews 142 An Interview With Popular Beijing's Han Liang 引重致远:专访 北京大众掌舵人韩亮 Despite the pandemic occurring shortly after his joining, Han Liang has led Popular Beijing to forge ahead with stunning results. 尽管加入北京大众不久后暴发疫情, 韩亮先生带领公司砥砺前行,业绩翻倍。 

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