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 Teochew songs can be heard all over the streets. They not only have a distinctive regional character but are an expression of the unique characteristics of Chaoshan culture and the wistful feelings of the diasporic Chinese. Shantou is a rich cup of tea – it is hard to resist falling in love with it. Since the beginning of the city’s 150-year history as a commercial port, tea has been an important product of trade. The people of Shantou enjoy tea not just for its fragrance but pay close attention to the etiquette of tea making too. Within a small cup of Kungfu tea, one finds the hospitality and generosity of the Shantou people. Shantou is an exquisite dish. From beef hotpot, braised goose, and oyster omelette to various kuih and fresh seafood, Shantou’s cuisine features a dizzying array of flavours and is known all over the world. It represents the hardworking spirit and wisdom of the people of Shantou, as well as cultural values of benevolence and righteousness. In the impeccable dishes of Shantou, we find a profound and unique food culture. Here in my beautiful hometown Shantou, we welcome friends from all over the world! (Translated by Daryl Li) The modern design of Shantou People’s Stadium 现代化的体育馆 汕头犹如一幅秀丽画卷。不管是 从美丽的东海岸新城,到风景秀丽的牛 田洋;还是从岭南第一侨宅的陈慈黉故 居,到小公园的骑楼街道,既有现代化 建筑又有历史悠久的民宅古居。每逢节 假日,我都会迫不及待地回到家乡,脚 踏在这片温暖的土地上,感受着迷人的 大海气息。看着新时代的汕头,一砖一 瓦都闪烁着潮汕人奋斗的光辉! 汕 头,又称鮀城,向海而生,因海 而兴。40年来,城市面貌发生翻 天覆地的变化,昔日小港已发展成一座 欣欣向荣的现代化海湾城市,是中国东 南沿海重要港口城市、海上丝绸之路的 重要门户。 汕头犹如一首动听的歌。“一壶 好茶一壶月,只愿月圆勿再缺”、“韩 江花月夜,相聚花月下”...... 一首首 潮语歌曲唱遍大街小巷,处处散发浓郁 “潮味”。潮语歌曲不仅具有鲜明的地 域性,也唱出了潮汕文化特点和侨胞浓 浓的思乡之情。 汕头犹如一杯浓郁的茶。有着 “百载商埠”之称的汕头,自开埠以 来,悠悠百五载,茶叶一直是对外贸易 的热销产品。汕头人品茗,追求的不仅 是茶香,更注重沏茶的礼节。小小的一 杯功夫茶,蕴涵着汕头人的好客和气 度,让人们忍不住为之倾心。 汕头犹如一道精美的佳肴。鮀城 美食,誉满天下,从牛肉火锅、卤鹅卤 味、蚝烙、粿品到鲜虾鱼,品种繁多, 香味可口,无不体现了鮀城人民的勤 劳和智慧,更秉承了鮀城人的“礼乐” 和“仁义”。从精美的菜品中,我们 能“食”出深厚独特的美食文化。 这就是我美丽的故乡— 汕头, 欢迎五湖四海朋友们的到来! 139 popularnews - 37 

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