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 Popular Guangzhou’s Huang Shaofen takes us to her hometown of Shantou through her words, allowing us to experience its beauty! 广州大众同仁黄少芬用文字带着我们亲临她的 家乡汕头,感受鮀城之美! The city of Shantou (also known as Tuocheng) faces the sea and has prospered because of the sea. The urban landscape has undergone vast changes over the past 40 years. Once a small port, it is now a thriving modern coastal city, both an important port city on China’s southeast coast and a key gateway on the Maritime Silk Road. Shantou is a beautiful scroll painting, filled with scenic views from the beautiful Donghai’an New City to the picturesque Niutianyang; filled with modern architecture and historic buildings, from the former home of Chen Cihong, the first residence built by overseas Chinese in Lingnan, to the verandas in Small Park. During holiday periods, I head back to my hometown eagerly, looking forward to set foot again on this land and be warmly embraced by its charming atmosphere. Shantou in this new era, shining and brilliant, has been built on the struggle of the Chaoshan people. Shantou is a melodious song. “A pot of good tea, a pot of moonlight, we await the full moon...” “A beautiful night at the Han River, we gather under the moon...” The traditional kuih Red Peach Cake 传统特色小吃红桃粿 36 - popularnews 139 By Huang Shaofen (Guangzhou) 文:黃少芬(广州) My Beautiful Hometown, 我美丽的故乡 

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