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 The Blue City of Chefchaouen 蓝色之城:舍夫沙万 Undisputedly the most picturesque destination in Morocco, the buildings in Chefchaouen are painted blue as the residents believe that the colour repels mosquitos. To make sure that I stood out in every photo that I had taken there, I brought along my favourite red jacket for a strong visual contrast. Chefchaouen was truly special to me as it was my dream holiday destination! 摩洛哥景色最优美的景点,无疑当属蓝 色之城舍夫沙万。当地居民相信蓝色能 驱蚊,所以纷纷把建筑漆成蓝色。为了 在每张照片凸显自己,我特地带上最爱 的红色外套,以营造强烈的视觉对比。 舍夫沙万对我来说十分特别,因为它是 我的梦想旅游之地! The Sahara Desert 撒哈拉沙漠 My trip to Morocco also saw us riding camels into the Sahara Desert, where we spent one night in a luxurious camp. Our faces were covered up with our scarves during the ride. Our overnight experience in the Sahara came with many creature comforts like hot water for showering, a nice and cosy warm bed, and the modern essentials of internet access and charging points for all our electronic devices. 此行我们也骑着骆驼在撒哈拉沙漠上穿 行,并在沙漠的豪华营地里度过一夜。骑 骆驼时,我们得用围巾遮住脸部。在撒哈 拉沙漠度过的一夜也是绝佳的体验,除了 有热洗澡水、温暖舒适的床具外,居然还 有摩登的设备如网络与充电座。 The Tanneries of Fes 菲斯的皮革厂 The third largest city in Morocco, Fes was founded in the eighth century. Today, one of its main tourist attractions is the tanning industry. There are three tanneries left now. The largest and oldest is the Chouara Tannery, which locals believe began operations around the same time the city was founded. Today, Chouara Tannery’s dyeing vats have become one of the Fes medina’s most iconic sights. 菲斯是摩洛哥的第三大城市,始建于八 世纪,如今皮革业为其主要景点之一。 目前在菲斯的皮革厂仅剩三家,其中最 大且最古老的是“Chouara”皮革厂。 当地人相信在菲斯开埠之时,Chouara 皮革厂就开始营业。时至今日,该厂的 染缸也成为了菲斯麦地那旧城区最具标 志性的景点之一。  The Old Citadels of Morocco 摩洛哥的古堡 Known as kasbahs, these old fortresses or citadels were the homes of the leaders in the past. They were also reportedly the safe refuge for merchants and travellers on the old caravan routes. There are still numerous kasbahs in Morocco, and many tour operators include visits to many of them. 被称为“卡斯巴”(古堡之意)的旧堡 垒与城堡,是前领导人的住所,据悉也 是商队路线上的商人和旅人的安全避难 所。如今摩洛哥还有不少卡斯巴,许多 旅游业者也会带游客前去参观。 The Tree-climbing Goats 会爬树的山羊 Morocco is also known for the strange behaviour of their goats that climb up the argan trees during the annual fruit crop. The delicious fruit proves to be so irresistible that the goats clamber up trees as high as eight to 10 metres. It is popularly believed that the locals condone this bizarre practice as the goats will pass out the seeds, which are collected and made into the much sought after argan oil. 摩洛哥也因会爬树的山羊而闻名。当地 的山羊在每年丰收季时,会爬上摩洛哥 坚果树。其果实难以抗拒的美味,吸引 山羊爬到八至十米之高去享用。当地有 个广为流传的说法,人们之所以默许这 个怪象,是因为从羊粪排出的种子,可 用来提炼抢手的摩洛哥坚果油。 42 - popularnews 138 

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