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    Food Blog 食在好玩 Affordable Local Delights 客厅餐室最实惠 Located on the ground floor of Leng Kee Community Club, The Living Room Eating House’s tidy and bright interior consists of wooden tables and chairs, and an open counter. Looking just like a typical coffeeshop, it offers delicious local delights – such as local coffee, Milo, half-boiled eggs, and toasted bread with butter and kaya – at affordable prices. My favourite is the nasi lemak, which is full of flavour. The eatery even sports an interesting slogan: “Cooking at home is too tiring, dining at restaurants is too expensive, eating here is the most affordable.” (Translated by Shawn Pang) “客厅餐室”安身于麟记民众俱乐部底层,曲径通幽如 小桃花源。餐室整洁明亮,简约木质桌椅和开阔 柜台,貌似咖啡屋格调,主打价廉物美的本地美食。咖啡美 禄半熟鸡蛋,香烤面包夹黄油咖椰,开启活力一天。主食在 下午四点前供应,笔者最爱椰浆饭,饭香料足。店家口号有 趣:在家做饭太累,酒店吃饭太贵,本店吃饭最实惠。 Name of Store 美味店家 The Living Room Eating House Address 地址 400 Lengkok Bahru, #01-01 Leng Kee Community Club, Singapore 159049 Operating Hours 营业时间 7.30am to 5.30pm (Closed on Sundays 星期天休息) By Ruth Cao 文:曹蓉     German Burgers Around the Clock 慕尼黑招牌汉堡 HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill is located next to the lush greenery of the Thai Embassy on Orchard Road. Decked out within vertical birch tree trunks, this well-known German burger brand lets you customise your burger with a dazzling variety of breads and ingredients, including fresh salad vegetables, meat, ham, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, sauces, and omelettes. There is even a burger that has no bun! Open every day until midnight, this is the place to satisfy your burger cravings at night. (Translated by Shawn Pang) 乌节路有座狭长餐厅,高脚桌错落分布于桦树间,与绿草如茵的泰国大使馆趣味相融。餐厅是德 国著名的汉堡品牌,特点是供应无数种面包和配料,包括新鲜沙拉蔬菜、肉类、火腿、培根、奶 酪、蘑菇、酱汁,也可加煎蛋,从而制作个人汉堡;还有一种不含面包的“裸堡”,如店名般人生恣意 须尽欢。每日营业至凌晨,夜猫子必到! Name of Store 美味店家 HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill Address 地址 362 Orchard Road, International Building, Singapore 238887 Operating Hours 营业时间 Sunday - Thursday & Public Holiday: 11am to 12 am Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 11am to 1am     138 popularnews - 43 

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