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  Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca 卡萨布兰卡的哈桑二世清真寺 The largest in Morocco, Hassan II Mosque is also the fifth largest mosque in the world. Besides featuring the world’s tallest minaret at 210 metres, Hassan II Mosque also has an enormous hall that can hold up to 25,000 people gathering for prayer. The mosque’s interior is absolutely stunning. Its beautiful engraving and installations simply take one’s breath away. Till today, I still think about how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to visit Hassan II Mosque. 哈桑二世清真寺是摩洛哥最大的 清真寺,也是世界第五大的清真 寺。除了全球最高的宣礼塔(210 米),哈桑二世清真寺还有个可 容纳2万5000名信徒的巨型祈祷 厅。寺内设计瑰丽,精美雕刻与 装置更让人叹为观止。有幸亲睹 哈桑二世清真寺,至今仍回味 无穷。 The Medinas of Morocco 摩洛哥的麦地那 Like a city inside a fortress, medina quarters are historical city sections that are typically walled. These walls were so tall that I could only see the sky when looking up at them. I stayed in many medinas during my time in Morocco, but my most memorable experience was my first encounter with a medina. I was shocked that I had to walk for around 15 minutes to my hotel while pulling my luggage in what appeared to be back lane alleys. I was sure I would be hopelessly lost in this maze city if we did not have a guide. Though I felt like I had travelled back in time to many centuries ago, my time spent inside these medinas was truly magical and mysterious. 仿如堡垒中的城市,麦地那旧城区被城 墙包围。城墙之高,以致我抬头时只能 看见天空。这趟摩洛哥之旅,我在不少 麦地那旧城区投宿过,而令我印象最深 刻的要属第一次到访的旧城区。当时我 不得不拖着行李步行15分钟,才走到隐 藏在后巷的旅馆。如果没有地陪,我们 必定会迷失在迷宫般的街道。这次的经 历恍若穿越到好几个世纪前,而我在这 些麦地那旧城区里度过的时光,既神奇 又神秘。 Riad, the Traditional Moroccan House 摩式传统住宅:利亚德 Originally large traditional houses built around a central courtyard or interior garden, many riads have been converted to hotels. These riads are so rich in Moroccan culture, and so stunning that every corner deserves its own post on Instagram. We had to carry our luggage up to our room as there was no lift, but the staff will gladly help out if you are willing to offer a small tip in return for their effort. Every riad that I had stayed in during my trip was an adventure for me to discover the charm and beauty of their culturally rich architecture. 利亚德原是绕着中庭或室内花园建造的 传统住宅,如今多已被改建成酒店。富 有摩洛哥色彩的利亚德,每个角落都是 拍照打卡的好去处。由于利亚德不设电 梯,我们必须自行将行李搬到房间去。 不过,只要肯付一点儿小费,这里的员 工还是乐意效劳的。我在旅途期间住过 的每间利亚德,都是一次次让我探索其 建筑之魅的奇遇。 138 popularnews - 41 

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