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   Popular Hong Kong decorated their two reception areas to convey their well wishes for all in the POPULAR family. 香港大众为两个接待处 添上新装,把祝福传递给 大众家庭的全体同仁。 POPULAR’s annual Christmas Decoration Competition was originally proposed by Mr Chou Cheng Ngok, Popular Holdings Limited’s Group CEO, purely as a way of spreading the joy of Christmas. The second edition, however, took on an added significance. Its theme of “A Joyful Christmas in POPULAR” was partly chosen in response to the endless waves of negative news that the people around the world have been subjected to since the COVID-19 pandemic began. To create a joyful Christmas ambience in Popular Hong Kong’s office, we started with the reception areas, which are the first point of contact for all visitors to our office. However, those who have been to Popular Hong Kong will know that our office is divided into the East and West Wings, with a separate reception counter for each. Hence, we decided to decorate the two reception areas differently, adding variety to the festivities. From the West to Our Sister Offices At the reception of the West Wing, our visitors would be welcomed by classic Christmas decorations like coloured candles and a snowman sitting in a hula- loop surrounded by presents of all shapes and sizes, as well as some unconventional Christmas decorations like a Christmas tree made by stacking paper rolls. The latter was hardly a sign of sloppiness, but a display of our effort in adopting the “3R” concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle in our decorations instead. Visitors settling down on the cosy sofa to wait for their appointments would find a pair of large comfortable cushions with bright red season’s greetings there to jazz up the festive mood. Next to the sofa stood a post box with a postcard placed on the open door. Taking a closer look, one would realise that the postcard waiting to be picked up by the postman was written by the well-wishers from the 20 - popularnews 138 By Popular News Editorial Team 文:《大众资讯》编辑室  

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