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   Popular Hong Kong staff to the other offices under POPULAR Greater China in Beijing, Guangzhou, Canada, and Taiwan. Destinations on the signposts could be seen above the candles at the other end of the reception counter. From the East to Our Regional Offices Over at the reception of the East Wing, our visitors’ attention would instantly be drawn to the wall decorations by the side of the reception counter. Golden snowflakes surrounded the many joyful moments of our staff. These photographs had been taken with the vintage camera located at the near corner of the reception counter. Upon closer inspection, one would spot Santa Claus behind the camera joyously snapping away. Next to the camera was a familiar looking post box with a postcard within. The destinations of the postcard were different this time round. As indicated by the signposts on the other end of the reception counter, this postcard contained Popular Hong Kong’s well wishes to the other two offices competing in the second POPULAR’s Christmas Decoration Competition in Singapore and Malaysia. Next to the signposts was a snowman with a “floating” gift tied to his left arm that looked set to travel alongside Popular Hong Kong’s postcard to the two destinations. Coming Together for the “POPULAR Spirit” Though these relatively simple decorations had been done amid a seemingly worsening situation, with the discovery of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, our Christmas decorations represented Popular Hong Kong’s well wishes to all members of the POPULAR family in these challenging times. We hope that everyone will stay positive and continue to work in unity to showcase our indomitable “POPULAR Spirit”! 138 popularnews - 21 

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