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  to the childcare centres. The committee came to a unanimous decision that our Christmas decorations should also bring delight to the children. Therefore, we decided to use candies as the decorations on our Christmas tree in the lobby, hoping to spread the festive joy to the children by sharing all the goodies with them when the competition came to a close. Staff and visitors to POPULAR Headquarters alike were embraced by the Christmas festivities once they entered the building. On their right stood our Christmas tree and the photo booth corner for our staff to capture their joyful Christmas moments. They could submit their photographs to Popular Singapore’s Human Resources Department, who would print them out and hang them on our Christmas tree. To further spread the Christmas joy, the committee picked five lucky winners from all the submitted photographs to receive a mystery gift. Meanwhile, the left side of the lobby was transformed into a Christmas wonderland, featuring decorations of a reindeer, snowman, Santa Claus, and a candy house, all made from reused cardboard boxes. A Different Christmas Surprise on Every Level The Christmas festive spirit continued on every lift landing in the building as each level was decorated with handmade Christmas wreaths above the elevator call buttons. Created by our committee members, each of these Christmas wreaths was unique! Entering the lift, passengers would be surrounded by Christmas stickers to spread the festive cheer. Stepping out of the lift, one would be further surrounded by the fabulous Christmas decorations one each level that brought out the theme of “Joyful Christmas” in their unique ways. On the fifth floor, used carton boxes were given a fresh look with bright and festive colours wishing people a “Merry XMAS”, and the festive mood was further enhanced by the colourful Christmas standees and LED lightings. On the sixth floor people were welcomed by the “Book Christmas Tree” made from write- off books, reflecting our commitment to the theme of the 3Rs of Sustainability, as well as POPULAR’s main business of book publishing and retail. The seventh floor featured a pleasant surprise from our dazzling Christmas tree created from an old ladder and decorated with balls and sparkling pink tinsel garlands. Surrounding the tree were used carton boxes painted withtheword“JOY”. A United Team Effort Popular Singapore’s 2021 Christmas decorations would not be possible without the selfless contributions of the Christmas Decoration Committee members. Devoting their time to the project and sharing their creativity to spread the festive mood to everyone in Popular Singapore, as well as the children and staff of the childcare centres in the POPULAR Headquarters, their commitment perfectly showcased the “POPULAR Spirit”! It also truly reflected POPULAR’scorevalueof“Unity”.Wetakethis opportunity to recognise and commend their efforts! 18 - popularnews 138 

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