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  different creatures and bird species that one can enjoy there. The serene Kilim Geoforest Park was another memorable experience, as we boated through the mangrove swamps. Not to mention the wonderful food trails that we embarked on. Tired from two days of sightseeing, we retired early for the night to get ready for the ride the next day. Treasuring Our Time Together We had all been excited for this day and were up very early, changing into our riding gear and pushing our bicycles down to the hotel lobby. After a simple breakfast, we proceeded to load our bicycles onto the Hilux truck. Soon, we were on our way to the Langkawi Wildlife Park assembly point. The cool, crisp air of the morning greeted us as we unloaded our bicycles and got into position for the flag off. John sponsored us with Langkawi Wildlife Park T-shirts, which made for a colourful group photograph. With his foot ready on the pedals, John rode out, with everyone following behind and shouting “For our brother Herbert... Let’s ride!” The six-hour riding journey was awesome! We tried to keep up with each other round the island on the coastal road, seeing the picturesque Andaman Cove, villages, and Pantai Cenang along the way. The spirit of Herbert and our perseverance kept us going as we conquered the ascending and descending winding roads. The surveillance car was always kept close on standby. We stopped at signature sites to take photos and at pit stops for a quick breather or to enjoy a cup of coffee. At the end of the day, we celebrated the conclusion of our mission with a lavish dinner, cheering with drinks, “To Herbert our brother... we have continued the ride for you, bro!” We found the fellowship of friends with Herbert amid the riding journey and the wonderful get-togethers, which left us all with heavy hearts as we left Langkawi. We are in our sixties now, a golden age in which, regardless of who we are, we embrace the warm camaraderie of friends. One never knows how long we have, and we must treasure our time together. With good health and a positive mind in retirement life, we will continue to spend quality time together. Our time with each other may be limited, but we will spend time together, celebrate each other, and remember one another, making memories just as we did on this trip, with blissful remembrances attesting to our friendships, burning brightly in our hearts. 38 - popularnews 140      

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