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    The Fellowship of Friends 骑行敬友情 With our time together in life’s journey, we should celebrate our friendships and keep each other in our hearts. By Helen Goh Beow Lain (Malaysia) 文:吴妙莲(马来西亚)  漫漫人生旅途,友谊长存。 “Yes, honey,” I answered, without turning my head, my eyes still glued to my phone. Fred continued, “Darling, another classmate had passed away. It’s Herbert. He was in America for his bicycle ride but... he didn’t make it.” This time, I turned around to face my other half. There was sadness in his eyes. Remembering Herbert Fred had started keeping in touch with his schoolmates in recent years. They have a big chat group named “Class of 77” from St Xavier’s Institution, in which these 62-year- old uncles happily chatted about their lives. Herbert was a sports enthusiast and an ardent cyclist. How did this happen? Perhaps it was the months of extensive training prior, the long and tiring flight, the change of climate, and the excitement and anxiety that prevented him from resting well before his ride. We guessed these could be the possibilities why he collapsed with a heart attack. The sadness was most intensely felt by schoolmates close to Herbert. They decided to plan a ride in remembrance of him. Hence, the “Bicycle Chat Group” was formed, dedicated to accomplishing this mission. The “Herbert Hor Remembrance Ride”, or H2R2, would be a round island cycling expedition in the beautiful island of Langkawi. Exploring Beautiful Langkawi With great enthusiasm, we started making plans and taking time off from our busy work schedules. There were 12 of us, including Tony, a classmate who had flown in from Australia to join us. We arrived in Langkawi in a few groups with our backpacks, bicycles, and riding gear. In Langkawi, John and Joanne were exceptional hosts, providing us with transport as well as recommendations of places for delicious food. The Langkawi Wildlife Park was amazing, with the many           140 popularnews - 37 

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