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  Scholastic Corporation is a global leader in English literacy and learning, the world's largest creator and distributor of children's books, and the leading provider of literacy curriculum, professional services, classroom magazines, and producer of educational children's media. The company creates print- and technology-based learning programmes for English teachers in kindergarten and primary schools. Exporting to 165 locations around the world, Scholastic makes quality and affordable books available to all children through school-based book clubs and book fairs, school and public libraries, as well as physical and online retail stores. Scholastic’s objective is to give the children the necessary tools and skills to build their own future, and shape the world collectively. To Make a Difference Scholastic was founded in 1920 by Maurice R. Robinson in his hometown of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. The company’s first foray into publishing began on 22 October 1920 with a classroom magazine titled The Western Pennsylvania Scholastic. The idea came to Robinson when he realised that high school students did not have anything interesting and engaging to read besides their school textbooks. Thus, he met with a group of Western Pennsylvania principals and proposed publishing a sports magazine. Scholastic then went on to publish other magazines devoted to contemporary English and social studies to promote reading and inculcate the love of reading. Scholastic was born out of its founder’s sheer determination to help educators teach better, as well as to provide children with a better reading experience. He wanted to make a difference in life. Scholastic’s first headquarters was located in the sewing room of his mother’s house, and his magazines were sold at an affordable price of five cents a copy. The journey for Robinson and his company was not smooth-sailing. Yet, through the various challenges brought about by the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the subsequent financial crises, Scholastic celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2020. Through the years, evolution and reinvention alongside the changing needs of children, families, and educators have been key to Scholastic’s success. In 1923, Scholastic expanded from publishing magazines to publishing children’s books and published Saplings, their very first A Century’s Worth of Success 学乐教育集团: 百年成功之道 Celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2020, Scholastic continues to make a real difference in children’s lives through reading. 在2020年欢庆成立100周年的学乐教育集团, 以阅读为孩子的人生带来改变。 By Nabihah Baharen (Malaysia) 文:娜比哈 . 巴哈仁(马来西亚)  136 popularnews - 23 

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