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    By Anna Lin (Taiwan) 文:林芩(台湾)  Kindness Will Overcome Evil 以善制恶的 Zodiac Girls combines daily life and the magic of the 12 zodiac constellations to bring positive energy to the readers! 针对12星座设计的奇幻故事,结合日常生活与魔法元素, 让读者正能量升级!  Which zodiac sign has the most friends? Which zodiac sign is the most humorous? Which two zodiac signs are the perfect match? The topic of one’s zodiac sign will never fail to grab one’s attention during a conversation. Perhaps, one’s zodiac sign can even provide some guidance through a rough patch in life. Even if you know your own zodiac sign well, Zodiac Girls will let you learn more about all 12 zodiac signs. The series introduces the personality and characteristics of each zodiac sign, and provides a comprehensive analysis of various related aspects, like financial management, health, fashion, as well as the Greek mythology behind each zodiac sign. Presented with lively and colourful illustrations, the splendid storyline combines everyday life and magic to bring the readers on a journey around a fantastical world.  136 popularnews - 21 

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