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  concepts showcased at POP@Central: “Merchandise is carefully curated and thoughtfully displayed to effectively capture our customers’ attention through the extensive use of huge colourful signboards, giant pictorial advertising posters, segmented product displays and interactive demo concept booths. We also have a giant monitor screen prominently located at the stairway on Level 4 to showcase various on-going promotions for our customers!”
Looking at the photographs taken on the same location taken 40 years apart, first in 1980 and then again in 2020, the familiar red and white POPULAR artwork outside the windows of the fourth level of Bras Basah Complex along North Bridge Road seems to have remained the same through the passage of time. Take a closer look, however, and you will find that there have been subtle changes made to the original font and logo of the POPULAR artwork, along with the unique contrasting artwork extended onto the fifth level of Bras Basah Complex in reversed colour tones.
Today, POP@Central is not just POPULAR’s oldest outlet in Singapore but also part of the pioneer retail establishment at Bras Basah Complex, constantly adapting with the increasingly challenging retail market. POPULAR is steadfastly committed to proactively evolving and diversifying its business portfolio, staying ahead of the changing times, so that we can continue to be aligned with our strategic vision to serve our people, to grow with society and mutually benefit from the world.
1924年,大众在新加坡成立,是家喻 户晓的本地杰出品牌,红白相间的 徽标深入民心,为顾客提供丰富多元的
华英书籍。为继续巩固大众在本地书业 的领导地位,大众于1980年在百胜楼开 设首家旗舰店“POP@Central”,以吸 引与日俱增的X世代中小学生。
坐落在百胜楼的大众旗舰店,零售 面积为3万4762平方英尺,共四层楼, 每一楼层的设计皆有鲜明的主题。大众 百胜楼不仅标志着大众作为新加坡双语 图书零售业的佼佼者,也是当时本区域 最大的冷气书店之一!
购物体验 求新求变
步入2020年,商业零售市场瞬息万变, 各种企业也需要与时并进,求新求变, 以满足不断变化的消费者需求。有鉴于 此,大众百胜楼在近期进行了大规模的 整修工程,为店面注入活力,以全新面 貌迎接未来。
大众百胜楼的第一楼层本是课本与 教辅书的专区,现改为近6000平方英 尺的电子零售乐园,展卖各类电子与资 讯科技产品。新店面的设计亮点之一是 一楼和二楼之间的楼梯走道。每一个梯
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