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   By Normaizatulaima Mohammad (Malaysia) 文:诺迈扎都赖玛·莫哈末(马来西亚)   To A Great Mentor 赠前辈  Sajak Buat Senior Hard to describe Those first-day nerves On the job as Malay Editor In the well-known POPULAR Malay was never my strong suit But then this generous mentor Led me step by step To aim for perfection To get the job done Always cheerful and smiling Voice never raised Never belittling my shortcomings Helping tirelessly To bring out the best in my work Never met such a mentor before Kind, wise, and experienced Pointing out my deficiencies at work Encouraging from start to end Thank you To a mentor I greatly respect I can only pray That our spirits remain high As we continue working together With great joy (Translated by Daryl Li )  139 popularnews - 27 

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